Meraki: Ledarna puts the net in the cloud

Ledarna, Sweden’s organisation for managers Ledarna has 92,000 members across six regional offices. This requires a stable network, where the IT department has a good overview and control. Transitioning to a cloud-based network with Cisco Meraki in collaboration with Conscia Netsafe gave radical gains in efficiency, control and insight in the network.

“The collaboration with Conscia Netsafe is working very well, compared to previous consultants we have worked with and the industry in general, Conscia Netsafe is extremely competent. Because Meraki is cloud-based, Conscia Netsafe can also log in directly and fix any faults we need help with, saving us time and resources,” says Alex Tsarapatsanis.

Previous challenges with overview and troubleshooting

Ledarna has previously had a network solution that gave no overview or control of the network, so when the network went down, the IT department couldn’t identify or solve the problem efficiently enough.

“The network often was down due to various problems, and if we were to troubleshoot and fix it ourselves it would take days or even weeks. We were then at the mercy of external consultants to solve the problem, a process that was lengthy and drawn out at the same time as it was costly,” says Alex Tsarapatsanis.

To overcome recurring problems and gain control of the network, Ledarna turned to Conscia Netsafe. Following an analysis of the organisation’s network structure and needs, Conscia Netsafe presented the network solution, Cisco Meraki, which was later deployed.

Cloud-managed Meraki network gives control

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network that is managed entirely via a cloud service in a normal internet browser. This means that, for example, switches, routers, security applications, and mobile device management can easily be installed, configured and managed.

“Meraki is simple to use and has noticeably reduced the time we put into managing and troubleshooting the network. We now have a network environment that we have designed ourselves and where we have full control and insight. We are also able to act directly and easily when disruptions occur.

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