Secure the user experience in a cloud-based delivery

A network adapted to tomorrow’s traffic

Today’s traffic pattern does not look like it once did. More and more applications are being moved to public cloud services, and companies and users are following suit. As a result, new demands are being made today on both traffic flows and safety. Previously, the company’s traffic had to be transported to a central data center – today, the traffic and bandwidth have to be moved closer to the user.

To enable this, a virtual network is required that optimizes all traffic flows to enhance the user experience for the enterprise’s cloud-based applications. Regardless of the type of connection the company uses – copper, fiber, 4G or 5G – it is possible to establish a connection and thus get optimal traffic flows. Thanks to this, the company gets fast, secure and error-free access to all applications, regardless of time and place.

A virtual bridge between you and the cloud

Being able to optimize traffic flows is a must in a modern world. For organizations that still have a traditional WAN, a major problem has arisen. When these organizations built a WAN, the idea was that the main applications would be located locally in their own data center, where traffic went to a central point.

Today, the reality looks different when a large part of the company’s traffic goes to the Internet. The problem that arises with a traditional WAN is that if you stay in that setup, then the bandwidth gets too far away from the user. This results in the end user having an inefficient and poorer experience as the traffic is forced to take a suboptimal route.

To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to take advantage of the available modern technology. A virtual SD-WAN – which constantly measures the quality of various connections to optimize traffic – is exactly such a modern solution that acts as a virtual bridge between the underlying infrastructure and the cloud.

A virtual solution for today’s challenges

Challenge: Today, it is not uncommon for employees to sit in on both customer and internal meetings via video. So it is important that the connection works best. What would it be like if you were in a sales meeting with an important customer and the conversation and video were constantly interrupted? It would not seem professional, and worst case, it could cost the company a new customer.

Solution: With an SD-WAN solution, organizations avoid the problem, as traffic is always sent via the most optimal route. Then the traffic is transported the nearest way out to the Internet and not via a local data center. In case of quality problems with connections, SD-WAN redirects to another connection, which has significantly better quality, and the video meeting risks never being broken.

Freedom of choice is gold – do not lock yourself in with one operator

Using only one particular provider is not a good idea – neither in terms of cost nor delivery. By being independent of providers, organizations gain a freedom worth its weight in gold. With an SD-WAN solution in place, the organization can choose which operator and type of connection they want to use. Thus, they put themselves in a position where they can choose the operator that best meets their needs and offers the best price.

With a virtual network, the possibilities are endless

The possibilities in the digital age are enormous – but it is important to ensure that they are used in the right way. At a time when a large portion of organizations’ traffic goes to the Internet, it is important to ensure that application delivery and connectivity is flexible and error-free.

One step is to ensure that the company’s traffic flows are optimal – that the traffic is always routed the most optimal way depending on what the user is doing. Organizations that do not have a cloud strategy are likely to lag behind. Organizations that, on the other hand, make sure to be at the forefront when it comes to the cloud, networks and connections, will have huge benefits.

SD-WAN is especially interesting if your company:

  • Has a cloud-first strategy
  • Is facing an upgrade of your MPLS connections
  • Has offices / production in several different countries
  • Want to reduce the dependency / cost of your local data center
  • Needs automatic redundancy to important business locations
  • Want to move bandwidth as close to your users as possible
  • Want transparency and predictability in your traffic is optimally routed

In a modern world, modern tools are required – you just have to use them. Organizations that do this will put themselves in the driver’s seat where all that remains is to press the accelerator pedal and drive away from their competitors.

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