Conscia Tech All-Hands 2019: Network Nerds Network Like No Tomorrow

Conscia Tech All-Hands 2019Conscia Tech All-Hands 2019: Every year, Conscia gathers consultants from all countries in the All-Hands event to exchange ideas, experiences and to get to know each other at a group level. Previous meetings have been hosted in Copenhagen (see last year’s event) but this year we gathered in Amsterdam.

Conscia Tech All-Hands 2019 was the largest so far with people from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Slovenia. 180+ consultants with 65+ top Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) titles gathered all in one place. That’s a lot of brainpower – and when we link up in a network of knowledge by forming virtual teams and relationships and assisting each other we are truly able to advance the interests of our customers, and fully develop our own knowledge.

As the chairman of the Routing & Switching Virtual Team, I had the pleasure of hosting breakout sessions for my team. The sessions often consist of new technologies and/or customer cases. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge and experiences with the other members of the team.

Personally, there are several things I look forward to when attending the All-Hands:

  • Getting to know as many colleagues as possible
  • Exchange experiences and ideas with other colleagues
  • Get updated on the strategy at a group level
Erik Jans, Conscia Netsafe gets award for VT Security contributions at Conscia Tech All-Hands 2019
Merit where merit is due: Glad to see my colleague Erik Jans get recognized for his efforts within the VT Security-team.
Claus Thorsgaard, CEO Conscia Group, Tech All-Hands 2019
Strategy from the top: Conscia group CEO Claus Thorsgaard actively participated.

On Thursday the 9th of May, we gathered at the Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam where the first event that took place was a dinner. We sat down in our respective teams such as Routing & Switching, Security, Wireless, DC, Automation and had a nice dinner where we engaged with other colleagues. The goal was to sit down with colleagues from other countries.

After dinner, we went for a short walk and arrived at some canal boats. There we got to spend some time enjoying the beautiful Amsterdam while having beers and a good time.

On Friday, it was a day full of activities with sessions that everyone attended and then also sessions hosted within each team.

Coming back from an event like this, you always feel energized and inspired and in awe of how many outstanding colleagues there are within Conscia. Learning is in the Conscia DNA and there is no better way of learning than to spend quality time with smart colleagues. It’s inspiring to work for a company that doesn’t set up artificial boundaries. Where learning is encouraged. And where each individual is much more effective because there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

I already look forward to next year’s event. Maybe I’ll see you there?!



Daniel Dib is one of three Cisco Design-certified experts in Sweden (CCDE, two of which are found at Conscia Netsafe) and also a CCIE. Daniel is well-known industry writer who holds courses on the Cisco Learning Community and has been recognized as Cisco Designated VIP three consecutive years for his efforts. Daniel is Sweden’s only Cisco Learning network VIP and Sweden’s only Cisco Champion. Daniel runs the popular networking industry blog Lostintransit, but also writes for Network Computing, IDG Expert Network and Cisco’s own blog.


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