Conscia Guest Portal

Grant controlled access to the network based on the guest’s own NemID, SMS or social media accounts.

Secure guest access

Ever since BYOD took effect, people expect to have internet access on their devices. Thus companies are faced with the challenge of providing network access for their visiting guests.

Do you need internal IT to create a guest account?
Perhaps the front desk can help set up the account, but how do you ensure that the account is properly managed after the guest has left the building? And could the guest sit all evening in the parking lot and download questionable material with the account created?

With the Conscia Guest Portal, we take advantage of the existing Cisco ISE security policy infrastructure to let guests who need Internet only access log in with NemID, SMS password key, or their Social Media accounts. You avoid having to spend time creating, managing, or deleting guest accounts in the network. The guest portal is thus the easy, secure alternative to manually creating guest access on the network.

Freedom of choice with modules

The guest portal is modular, thus ensures that you only get the requested functionality while paying only for the module or modules relevant to you.

The guest portal consists of the following modules:

  • Base module
  • SMS module
  • NemID module

Base module
The basic module of the Guest Portal is a configurable and mobile-friendly guest portal. We’ve chosen a responsive design that scales itself to mobile devices or different screen resolutions.

Messaging module
The guest receives a six-digit code on their phone via an HTTP GET-based SMS Gateway. Only after the guest has entered the correct code will a guest account be created.

NemID module
To create a guest account with NemID, we use the Signaturgruppen OpenID provider, which alternates a NemID log-in to a PID that can create a guest account. The account is created in the same way as with social media. Of course, the Guest Portal’s NemID module works on all supported NemID platforms
(Win, Linux, Mac OSX). Highlights

Provisioning via social networks
We have created an ‘app’ on each of these networks that uniquely identifies a Conscia Guest Portal call. Thus, enabling our customers to, on-the-fly, generate guest accounts with information from the so-called social networks public pages and automatically log users into the network through integration with Cisco ISE

Conscia Guest Portal Highlights

  • Guest access to the network, based on the guest’s own NemID, SMS, or social media accounts.
  • Leverages existing Cisco ISE infrastructure to ensure guest access in a secure way.
  • No administration in connection with guest creation
  • Modular structure – you only pay for the features you need

Requirements and dependencies

The Conscia Guest Portal requires the following components in the customer infrastructure:

  • Cisco ISE v.2.4p12 or later
  • ERS API enabled
  • VMware server with at least 1vCPU, 2GB RAM and 30GB disc space.
    Conscia will provide the OVA file for the Conscia Guest Portal application.

The Conscia Guest Portal app created on the social media platforms used:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Live

Read all requirements and dependencies in the datasheet.

Download Conscia Guest Portal Datasheet

Interested in Conscia Guest Portal?

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