Advanced Malware Protection

Conscia specializes in Cisco AMP ThreatGrid and AMP for Endpoints.

Cisco AMP ThreatGrid is the brain in Cisco’s security portfolio, that collects data, analyses threats on the network and continually updates a global database with new malware threats. Cisco AMP for Endpoints offers malware protection, registers unwanted activity and utilizes knowledge from previous attacks specific to the organization as well as globally. With Cisco AMP for Endpoints it is possible to answer four critical questions related to an attack: Who is infected, what other machines are affected, what does the malware do on the network, and how do we block the attack on the network.


At Conscia, we build complete security architectures where all systems strengthen each other. We think about safety as both an independent area and an integral part of the whole.

In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world on how to incorporating security into the basic network design and weaving security systems together with business systems, both security, operations, and the business stands to profit.


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