Email Security

Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) protects against spam, advanced malware phishing and loss of data caused by email threats.

ESA can be expanded with an advance malware protection function, that protects before, during and after an attack. Meanwhile, ESA makes use of knowledge from Cisco Talos, which offers continuously updated insight into known global threats, and network units can get access to new email-policies within minutes, just as new spam campaigns are detected.

With ESA Forged Email Detection, the organization is protected against spoofing mails, that especially are aimed at executive profiles and other with special access to the most sensitive business data.


At Conscia, we build complete security architectures where all systems strengthen each other. We think about safety as both an independent area and an integral part of the whole.

In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world on how to incorporating security into the basic network design and weaving security systems together with business systems, both security, operations, and the business stands to profit.


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