Automation in Data Center

Help you deal with the rising complexity within IT.

Enhanced security, improved cost efficiency and immediate deployment of applications

Any organisation determined to deal with the rising complexity within IT, should have their eyes fixed on automation.  

At Conscia, we’re specialized in a number of Cisco technologies, that allows you to expand your automation strategies and make the most of them.

Automation in the data center is becoming increasingly important, as the demands for cost efficiency are rising while users require applications that can be applied automatically and used immediately. Conscia is specialized in Cisco UCS Director, which supports the need for automation and connection of different controllers, such as UCS manager and APIC. With UCS Director and Cisco Prime Catalog, automation of server and storage is integrated with automation of network devices. This makes it possible to offer end users a self-service catalog from your data center.

Programmable interfaces allow a faster and automated execution of processes and workflows. It makes things easier and leads to fewer errors at the same time as greater consistency.

  • Efficiency
  • Error minimizing
  • Compliance
  • Reliable operation


At Conscia, we have a special focus on Cisco’s data center portfolio. In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world on how to design data center solutions, focusing on operational stability, scalability and cost efficiency.



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