Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Modernize their IT infrastructure.

Technology virtualizes traditional hardware-based solutions to eliminate data center inefficiencies, reduce cost and more

For organisations seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure, a hyper converged infrastructure might be the right solution.

Cisco’s HyperFlex is the leading solution in the area and offers complete hyper convergens. It allows you to be ready for any app, on any cloud, at any scale.

Cisco HyperFlex combines server, storage, and network in the data center in a ”Single Point of Management” for both hardware and software. SSD and HDD disks are connected in one distributed data store, that in combination with UCS servers makes it possible to provision CPU and storage after application requirements. Via Cisco’s Unified Data center Fabric, the network forms the basis for convergence in the data center, and it furthermore makes full integration with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) possible.


At Conscia, we have a special focus on Cisco’s data center portfolio. In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world on how to design data center solutions, focusing on operational stability, scalability and cost efficiency.



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