Intersight Data Center

Pervasive Simplicity.

Manage to scale and still keep things simple while maintaining systems. Cisco Intersight – Essentials is designed to address many of these issues, such as updating firmware and making deployments more efficient.

Management and Automation Platform Cisco Intersight is a merger of Cisco’s management software, IMC Software, UCS Manager, and HyperFlex Manager, for Cisco server platforms.

A UCS system (based on Fabric Interconnect) uses the same virtualization type that ACI has for the network, ie the server is separated from the hardware. Managing uses server profiles that contain all parameters – how much memory, how much disk, how should the disk be configured, it should contain storage, etc. The profiles also configure networks, which network cards the server should have and how should it connect to the network. If hardware issues occur, the server profile can be moved to another hardware with a retained identity.

Fabric Interconnect is the network part of the Cisco server platform. Fabric Interconnects must be used when using Cisco Bladeservers (UCS B) and Cisco Hyperflex, they can also be used for Cisco Standalone Servers (UCS C). In Fabric Interconnect, UCS Manager is included, in order to manage multiple UCS domains / instances, UCS Central uses centralized management of all servers connected to Fabric Interconnects. This provides a smooth and consistent configuration for all servers included in the UCS Domains / Instances.

Intersight takes the stage even further. Here you get the same configuration for servers that do not have Fabric Interconnect – ie standalone servers (UCS C). The Intersight platform is available as a cloud-based version at Cisco and will come as an on-site installation at the customer’s data center.



A superb tool for customers who have a mix of blade, rack and / or Hyperflex servers from Cisco, instead of multiple tools to manage these servers, this can be done from one tool. Here you can save a lot of time and many errors, “says Joacim Wicander, as explained below:


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