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Specialized experience with design of some of business-critical networks in business and public organizations.

An upgraded network entails upgraded security and efficiency

The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

At Conscia, we have designed some of Europe’s biggest and most business-critical networks for private as well as public organisations. With a deep understanding of the innovations in infrastructure & digitalisation in our DNA, your business will continue to benefit from the latest technology.

SDN: Software-defined networking

The term SDN covers how to build intelligent, simple networks that can be automated. This improves the organisation’s ability to get information into and out of the network.

  • Program instead of configuring the infrastructure
  • Constant real-time monitoring as a basis for smart decisions

Wi-Fi 6E: a big step forward in Wi-Fi communication

Register for this webinar and learn about this great step forward in Wi-Fi communication! Arjan Kievits, Wireless Technical Consultant, explains all the details of Wi-Fi 6E. And gives a very short sneak preview on Wi-Fi 7.

Read More & Register HERE

Wifi6 – Your guide to the new wireless standard!

The biggest feature of WiFi6 is not the speed itself but that the capacity and bandwidth are divided in a more efficent way. This enables even more clients to use the network at the same time while retaining the performance. Fill the form and get your guide to the new wireless standard!

Solutions overview

The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

Cybersecurity is not only about avoiding risk. If done right, a security setup also helps the business stay ahead.

For organisations aiming to stay ahead, choosing the right Data Center and Multicloud solutions is crucial.

In the age of mobile and cloud, information should be available to employees on any device and in any place.

The Conscia IoT Device Portal will help ease the configuration and onboarding of new devices in the network.

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