Intelligent WAN

Reduce your monthly WAN services bill without reducing security, performance, or reliability.

Use a single integration platform for all WAN control functions to simplify IT operations.

Conscia is experienced in implementing IWAN solutions for both large and small organizations and also specializes in WAN optimization. More and more applications in the office are moving from the business datacenter to one in the cloud. Use of services such as Dropbox or Skype has caused that an ever-increasing amount of office data traffic is directed towards cloud based services. This increases work load which requires a more intelligent management of the traffic.

Cisco IWAN and the technology platform Cisco ISR, ASR 1000 or CSR 1000V comes with several features for addressing this challenge: Applications Visibility and Control (AVC) gives insight into the applications that are running on the network and prioritizes e.g. video conference traffic. Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) optimizes WAN traffic and reduces the bandwidth requirements, while Performance Routing (PfR) makes it possible to for example send video conferencing through your own datacenter, while YouTube traffic is kept on the Internet connection.


Conscia is specialized in network and has extensive experience with design of some of the biggest and most complex and business-critical networks in business and public organizations.

In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world on how to build intelligent, simple networks that can be automated.


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