Terms for registering for one of Conscia’s Cisco Live packages


When you register for one of Conscia’s Cisco Live packages using our registration form, you consent to Conscia, Algosec and ThousandEyes collecting, processing, and storing your data. 

Who receives your registration?

We, Conscia Norge AS, are responsible for collecting, processing, and storing your data entered in our registration form. Our contact details are:

Conscia Norge AS
Lakkegata 23
NO-0187 Oslo
Org.id: 998 613 353 MVA
Phone: +47 24 07 74 44

Conscia Norge AS is also the data controller for processing your personal data in connection with any confirmation and follow-up emails. As Algosec and ThousandEyes are co-organizers of the event, they will also collect the information you enter in the registration form.

Data Protection Officer, point of contact

Our Data Protection Officer is your point of contact for all matters relating to data protection. Please direct your inquiries to: [email protected]

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact our DPO directly. For more information about your rights, please see the section: ‘Your rights as data subject’ below.

What information is collected about me?

Conscia, Algosec and ThousandEyes collect your first name, last name, job title/role, company name, email address, country, and the information of the seminar you register for. Conscia also registers your IP address and the exact time you submit the form.

Option to subscribe to our newsletter

If you use the option in our registration form to subscribe to our newsletter, you should read our terms for subscribing to electronic marketing here.

What is your information used for?

Conscia uses your information to send you information about the seminar and any natural follow-up, including the execution of the seminar.

Your information will be included in our user-profile database we keep in Adobe Marketo for the general purpose of marketing. If you visit the conscia.com website and consent to the use of functional or marketing cookies, or if you have previously done so, your information will also be used in connection with information collected through such cookies about your activity on the website for the general purpose of marketing and for statistical purposes. You can read more about our use of cookies here.

If you agree to the terms and engage in other activities on our website (for instance register for a webinar or for newsletters), information about such activities will also become part of your user profile and will be used in connection with your information for the general purpose of marketing and for statistical purposes.

Our basis for processing information about you

The basis for our processing of your information is the Data Protection Regulation art. 6 ( 1) (a) (consent). We use the information given by you to be able execute the seminar and relevant follow-up to you and to be able to process the information together with other information about you for the general purpose of marketing, both by ourselves and by the co-host of our seminar. You can withdraw your consent to this at any time.

Transfers of data to third countries

We use Adobe Marketo for online forms, registrations, sending out emails, and collecting information about user activity. For this we use cookies, but only if a user has consented to the use of marketing cookies. We have entered into a written data processor agreement with Adobe regarding their processing of personal data for us as a data processor to ensure that your personal data is processed according to our instructions, confidentially, and that the necessary security measures have been taken against your information being compromised or misused.

Adobe Marketo uses sub-processors in countries outside the EU, and therefore your personal data may be transferred to third countries. The countries where transfers can take place can be found on Marketo’s website:  https://documents.marketo.com/legal/sub-processor-list. The transfers are made based on the standard contractual provisions of the Commission. By using our contact form, you expressly agree that your personal information provided to contact you upon your request to be contacted may be transferred to and stored in countries outside the EU in connection with our use by Adobe Marketo.

The data protection declaration for Marketo with more detailed information on the collection and use of your data by Marketo can be found at https://documents.marketo.com/toutapp/privacy.

Recipients of the data:
Marketo EMEA Ltd., Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, Ireland

We do not pass on your information

Except the information, you enter in the registration form, which are also passed on to Algosec and ThousandEyes, we do not pass on your information to others for commercial purposes. We will only disclose information about you if we are required to do so by law or if we are required to do so by a court order

Retention period

We only store your information for as long as it is relevant but no longer than 12 months after the last registered activity (interaction with the web page, filling out a web form, taking part in a seminar, etc.), unless there are specific legal reasons, and/or a legal requirement that stipulates a longer storage period like:

  • There are statutory retention requirements (accounting or financial requirements).
  • The data are still required to assert and exercise legal claims or to defend against legal claims, e.g., due to technological and forensic reasons.
  • Requirements to defend against attacks on our web servers and to track them.
  • The deletion would be contrary to the legitimate interests of the data subjects.
  • Another exception according to Art. 17 Para. 3 GDPR applies.

We keep the documentation for your consent and/or revoke of consent for up to two years after the consent was last used or revoked.

Your rights as data subject

Under the GDPR, you have several rights in relation to our processing of information about you. You can read more about your rights of data subjects here.

If you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us. Our contact information is provided above.

Your rights include the following:

  • Right of access by the data subject
    You have the right to access the personal data we process about you and a number of additional information.
  • Right to rectification
    You have the right to obtain rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning you.
  • Right to erasure
    In very special cases, you have the right to have information about you deleted before the time of our general deletion occurs.
  • Right to restriction of processing
    In certain cases, you have the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted. If you have the right to have the processing restricted, we may in future only process the information – apart from storage – with your consent, or for the purpose for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of important public interest of the EU or for a Member State.
  • Right to object
    In certain cases, you have the right to object to our otherwise lawful processing of your personal data.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
    You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority or another competent data protection authority about our processing of your data. This can, for example, be the data protection authority in your country of residence.

A list of all data protection authorities in the European Union and the European Economic Area can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm.


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