Major security incidents will impact your business – our Managed Incident Response can help

Under cyber-attack?

If your organization is experiencing a digital attack or highly suspicious activity in your environment, contact our expert incident response team NOW to find out how we can quickly limit or entirely prevent business loss!



Before you call, have the following information ready:

  1. Your identity and the organization involved in the attack.
  2. Current known information about the incident (physical location, assets involved, business damage).
  3. A non-compromised email address for initial communications.

Be sure to read further instructions in the Incident Response First Contact Guidelines (PDF). 

If you lack expertise in incident response, we advise you to not make any changes to your systems without our experts’ consultancy. Please be aware our services are subject to availability.


Cost of IT security breaches

Security incidents are expensive. The latest statistics from the 2019 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Report show the average cost is around $3.86 million – for both large and small organizations.

This hefty price tag has multiple components, from direct damage to sales, profits, and reputation, and finally the sizeable expense of post-incident repair. The best way to handle breaches, therefore, is to have a reliable incident response system ready to quickly deploy during an incident.

Why choose Conscia Incident Response Services?

By using Conscia incident response services, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Speed of response: By subscribing to our incident response readiness services, our incident response team will be available to you 24×7 based on strict contractual SLAs.
  • Integration with Conscia SOC: Our incident response team is tightly integrated with our managed SOC service, so they receive the latest threat intelligence and knowledge from our analysis team throughout incident resolution.
  • Local presence: Conscia has a local incident response team in all supported countries.

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Solution Description

How to quickly recover from IT security incidents 
Handling a security breach is not only about containment but also restoring your business back to normal operations. At Conscia, we have over 500 skilled engineers that are experts at building secure IT infrastructures and providing managed incident response services tailored to each customer. After an incident has been reported or confirmed, our team quickly and efficiently prevents, limits and/or contains the breach, and repairs the resulting damage.

  • Containment Services: We provide you with a containment plan for each incident, i.e. a recipe of recommended actions to limit business damage and spread. This plan is tailored to your business’s capabilities and environment.
  • Remediation Services: We provide containment services, with additional remediation for each incident. A remediation plan includes a sequence of recommended actions to reverse the technical damage of the incident, to repair affected assets, and to prevent the same incident from occurring in the future. These services can be provided remotely (by phone, videoconference or IM) or at your site, with our experts working to resolve the incident in concert with your personnel.
  • Post-Incident Services: You may require additional investigation into the incident, either to determine its true scope or cause, to analyse the quality of remediation/eradication, or to investigate other details. We send out specialized digital forensics personnel that were involved in the incident response to examine executables (malware), memory/images/filesystems, and network traffic (raw packets, metadata and logs) to extract information and behavioural characteristics.

Our managed incident response services are part of Conscia SOC, an advanced managed detection and response tool. These are available to both our managed SOC customers and other organizations with current on-going incidents.

Our cybersecurity solutions

Navigate through our cybersecurity solution framework below to read more about our solutions and services.

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