We do more than design and implement Security and IT infrastructure solutions.

At Conscia we are a network of knowledge and the backbone of your business’ success. We are conscious of your potential and are committed to secure your IT infrastructure.

At Conscia we are focused on helping our customers with security efforts before, during, and after a security attack. If the customer does not have the needed in-house competencies in place, we can take on this responsibility through our Managed Security Services.

In addition to consulting and implementing security technology, Conscia also focuses on Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). A high level of security will mean adhering to several processes and frameworks that indicate best practices in cybersecurity (ISO, NIST, CIS20). Following these processes will help you optimize the security of your infrastructure – from antivirus on computers to risk assessments.

The power of SOC at a fraction of cost

By taking the fight to where 80% of digital battles are won – the endpoint environment – Conscia Cyber defense gives you the power previously available only in high end Security Operations Centers: state-of-the-art detection capability, but coupled with low deployment complexity and cost-effective OPEX subscription.

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Reliable energy in time of evolving cyber threats

Centrica Energy Trading A/S, a leading gas, power and LNG energy trader provides their clients with the best route-to-market services available to the market today....
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Cloud Managed Next Generation Firewall-as-a-Service

Network security is an unfair game. To protect your business, users, and data, you employ a number of security mechanisms across the data center, hybrid,...
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Wi-Fi 6E: a big step forward in Wi-Fi communication

Ever since Wi-Fi became available, around 22 years ago, there hasn’t been much change in the frequencies being used for wireless communication. Now, finally a...
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Secure Email Means Secure Business

Author: Niels Mogensen, Security Evangelist at Conscia

This white paper describes threats concerning email, the monitoring and protection functionality necessary to neutralize those threats, and what a complete solution that both incorporates and integrates the different types of functionality should look like. You will also learn about the benefits that come with full function email security, financial, and otherwise.

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Smart Industry 4.0‘ Strategy

Suzuki Garphyttan, a part of the Nippon Steel Group, is adopting their strategy for “Smart Industry 4.0” towards truly modern manufacturing with IoT – and the focus fell squarely on Conscia DevicePortal in order to keep track of all new devices that need to be connected.

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Solutions overview

Data Center & Cloud

For organisations aiming to stay ahead, choosing the right Data Center and Multicloud solutions is crucial.


Cybersecurity is not only about avoiding risk. If done right, a security setup also helps the business stay ahead.

Networking & Wireless

The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

Digital Workspace

In the age of mobile and cloud, information should be available to employees on any device and in any place.

IoT – Software and Automation

The Conscia IoT Device Portal will help ease the configuration and onboarding of new devices in the network.



Secure immediate access to highly qualified help in case of incidents and support the preparation of a long-term plan for managing network devices.


A coordinated sequence of activities in deploying and operating technologies and optimizing their performance.

Managed Services

Simple, Flexible, and Scalable Services that support your legacy infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Utilise cloud technologies for optimal and efficient business operations.

Conscia Network Services (CNS)

Our award-winning and unique Service Delivery Platform, CNS (Conscia Network Services).

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