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Conscia Security Operations Center (SOC) wins Security Product of the Year 2019.

At the Infosek 2019 conference, the largest cybersecurity conference in Slovenia and one of the largest events of the kind in Central Europe, the winner of the Slovenian cybersecurity product of the year 2019 award was announced. The award recognizes: leadership in providing superior threat detection and response capabilities, technological maturity, and high customer satisfaction.

We are proud that Conscia Slovenia (NIL) won the title with its Security Operations Center (SOC).


How CNS can be your strongest asset!

The award-winning CNS asset management portal will not only help you get a complete, real-time overview of all the devices, service contracts and software licenses within your IT infrastructure. It will help you ensure ongoing security and compliance so that you can be proactive and ensure better stability, risk management, procurement, and compliance strategy planning. Every single day.

  • Get an overview of all devices, service contracts and software licenses
  • Ensure ongoing security, compliance, and governance
  • Optimize risk management, procurement, and compliance strategy

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Cyber Security is not only about avoiding risk. If done right, a security setup also helps the business stay ahead.

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The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

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Secure immediate access to highly qualified help in case of incidents and support the preparation of a long-term plan for managing network devices.


A coordinated sequence of activities in deploying and operating technologies and optimizing their performance.

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Our award-winning and unique Service Delivery Platform, CNS (Conscia Network Services).