Webinar on demand: OT, IT og IoT – sådan beskytter du jeres produktionsenheder og forbedrer samspillet mellem OT, IoT og IT

OT, IT og IoT – sådan beskytter du jeres produktionsenheder og forbedrer samspillet mellem OT, IoT og IT

I dag benytter mange virksomheder enten fuldt eller delvist automatiserede produktionsprocesser. Robotter, CNC-maskiner og PLC’er er allerede en integreret del af den danske produktionssektor, og flere virksomheder vælger fortsat en større grad af automatisering.

Fordelene ved automatisering er mange, men samspillet mellem OT og resten af virksomhedens IT-setup halter ofte. Produktionsenhederne bliver nemlig ofte set som en enkeltstående enhed, og udveksler derfor ikke data med resten af virksomhedens IT-setup.

OT og IT benytter forskellige netværksprotokoller og applikationer, men grundlæggende er det de samme grundkomponenter, der benyttes i begge verdner.

Så hvordan får man de to verdner til at mødes og spille sammen? Og hvilke trulser skal vi beskytte vores OT og IoT miljø imod? Dette kan du høre meget mere om på dette webinar on demand.

Bemærk at webinaret er på engelsk / Note that the webinar is in english



  • Welcome and practical matters / Niels Mogensen – Conscia
  • The merger of IT, OT and IOT – will it happen? and what will it mean for the furture IT department? / Niels Mogensen – Conscia
    – IT and OT have lived in parallel worlds for more than 40 years, and IoT is largely not more deeply integrated.
    – A different focus, traditions and suppliers have been a matter of course, but now the world is different!
    – There are increasing demands for integration between the worlds of technology, synergies that must be exploited and various security and compliance requirements mean that we will have to see things in context.
    – What does this mean for the companies and who is responsible for what?Brief: Niels Mogensen, chief architect & security evangelist at Conscia, gives, in this presentation, an idea of how companies should approach this convergence and what significance it has for the work in the various technology areas.
  • Leveraging Cisco strategy, architecture and portfolio to make IT/OT-convergence a success/ Pascal Eymin
    – Identifying organizational and human issues
    – Presenting key benefits of IT-OT convergence
    – What should the process look like having a solid roadmap for convergence?
    – The need for a capable consulting partner to accompany all steps starting with assessment of OT environment.Brief: Pascal Eymin, EMEA Channel business development manager working on IT-OT convergence from Cisco, will run through the whole path for getting better prepared for the new reality of converging IT/OT operations and highlight through main challenges for customers along the way.
  • Cisco OT solutions / Onur Yalcinkaya – Cisco
    – How to build a secure IT/OT/IoT network and what are the components.
    – Cisco in OT – If you care about it, Cisco connects it!
    – Securely connect assets, applications, and data in real time to apply transformative business changes in non-carpeted spaces.Brief: Onur Yalcinkaya, technical solutions architect from Cisco, will help you to navigate through Cisco OT portfolio, showcasing latest and greatest IoT products and solutions from Cisco.
  • Why Cisco? / Pavel Zhokin – Cisco
    – Isn’t Cisco just a vendor of enterprise networks and what role do they play in OT and IoT?
    – Addressing key differentiation factors of Cisco OT solutions tuned for OT needs.
    – Importance of aligning between Cisco and ecosystem partners to deliver field-proven network designs with embedded security capabilities (Cisco Validated Designs).Brief: Pavel Zhokin, routes-to-market sales specialist from Cisco, will help to look at 20 years of history providing tailored products for OT through Cisco’s way of responding to OT requirements compare to traditional IT segment, to secure smooth operations and matching OT KPIs.
  • Q&A and round up / Niels Mogensen – Conscia