Revurdering af MFA:
Nye tilgange til en stærkere godkendelse

On Demand Webinar 

MFA er de-facto-standarden for brugergodkendelse. Næsten alle virksomheder benytter sig af det. Alligevel har løsningen også sine mangler og kan omgås. Se webinaret og lær om de seneste MFA-angreb, hvordan man overvinder MFA-fatigue, og hvad fremtiden bringer for sikker autentificering.

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Say Goodbye to MFA Fatigue: Modernizing Secure Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has long been recommended as the best way of verifying user identity and credentials. Not anymore – in 2022, we saw secure authentication methods being circumvented by criminals.

Exhaustion attacks (MFA Fatigue, MFA Spamming), prompt-bombing, and Adversary-in-The-Middle (AiTM) phishing quickly gained popularity among cybercriminals and now pose a serious threat to businesses relying on MFA.

In our upcoming webinar Rethinking MFA: New Approaches for Stronger Authentication, we will focus on the latest MFA attacks and how to protect against them. We will explain how the criminals have been working to bypass the most commonly used secure authentication methods and show how these attacks occur. We will also talk about what mitigations can be put in place and what the future of secure authentication looks like.


  • State of Multi-factor authentication (MFA): do we need MFA, and is 2FA outdated?
    • Can you eliminate the threats?
    • What is protected – what needs to be prioritized?
    • Authentication on the end-users` terms
  • Different ways of authentication, their advantages and drawbacks
  • Sustainable and secure authentication today
  • Secure Authentication in the future: Passkeys, FIDO2, Passwordless, and more


  • Lars Erik Braatveit, Cyber Security Lead, Conscia Norway