Wi-Fi 6E: a big step forward in Wi-Fi communication

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Det er 22 år siden, at Wifi så dagens lys. Nu er vi nået til Wifi 6, men hvad er det nye ved denne standard?
En af Conscias Wifi-eksperter afholder webinar om emnet, så du kan blive opdateret.

Se webinaret og find hoved og hale i, hvad Wifi6E – som det rigtigt hedder – kan tilbyde.
Webinaret er på engelsk. Læs mere nedenfor:

Ever since Wi-Fi became available, around 22 years ago, there hasn’t been much change in the frequencies being used for wireless communication. Now, finally a new spectrum is opened up for the use of Wi-Fi communication and it is called: Wi-Fi 6E

As with most new developments, particularly with Wi-Fi, there is more to such an update than just an announcement of (in this case) a new frequency band. To explain what Wi-Fi 6E will bring, Arjan Kievits, Wireless Technical Consultant at Conscia, will discuss the technology behind this update during this webinar.

What is Wi-Fi 6E? And how does this relate to the other frequencies? What more, if at all, will it offer? The answers to these questions can only be given if we also briefly look back at Wi-Fi in general. In this way it will become clear what is going to change and improve.

This session will be somewhat technical, so you have been warned! Arjan will explain the topics included as simple as possible. Some background knowledge of Wi-Fi is recommended. At the end of the session there will be room for questions, and you can of course always contact us afterwards if further clarification is required.

Register for this webinar and learn about this great step forward in Wi-Fi communication!

The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Spectrum, channels and bandwidth
  • The different modes in which access points can operate
  • How devices can connect
  • The current range of Wi-Fi 6E equipment

You can also read the Danish version of Arjan Kievits blog post about the topic via the link below:

Read blog post

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