Conscia Webinar On Demand:
Wi-Fi Trends: Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, WPA3 & More

What will the future bring for enterprise Wi-Fi? Watch the webinar on demand and learn about the key developments you should follow and find out the benefits and use cases these Wi-Fi innovations will enable.

Development and trends in enterprise wireless networking

For users, Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and binary: it either works or it doesn’t. For companies and engineers that need to provide Wi-Fi networks that “just work”, things are not so simple. Wireless comes in all kinds of shapes and forms, all with its own specific set of challenges and benefits.

In this on demand webinar we will go through the timeline of the IEEE802.11, focusing on the latest innovations and some interesting developments such as next generation positioning, light, and even more speed. We will explain the difference between acronyms like Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, and how/if you should deploy them in your own wireless network. We will also cover some promising innovations in Wi-Fi security (WPA3) areas and explain interesting things about wireless power, Wi-Fi use cases in IoT, and more.


  • New IEEE 802.11 standards: 11az, 802.11bb, 802.11be, 802.11bf
  • Security upgrades in Wi-Fi: WPA3
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E adoption
  • Future innovations in wireless power, IoT, and Wi-Fi coexistence with xG technologies

About the presenter:
Arjan Kievits, CWNE #325, is a Wireless Technical Consultant at Conscia Netherlands. He has been designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks for over 20 years.

Besides Wi-Fi, Arjan also has a deep interest in astronomy. Arjan volunteers at two observatories and gives lectures on various astronomy related topics. Arjan also does a bit of astrophotography when the weather permits.

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