We know that close collaboration foster technology innovation, and we seek to collaborate across borders and fields of expertise in our network of knowledge.

Tightly knitted Network of Knowledge

We have been Cisco Gold Partner since 2008 and in 2018 we became the first European Cisco Lifecycle Advisor Partner. On top of that, we recently became the second partner in the world certified as Master Specialized in Networking.

Our solutions are mainly based on Cisco’s technology, which means that we are a certified Cisco consultant specializing in the latest Cisco technologies and delivering always validated high-class design at Cisco.

We have the most certified Cisco design experts in the world outside of Cisco. We have a high number of CCDE experts and the highest proportion of Cisco certifications among our consultants with many CCIEs. This means that you always work with qualified experts when you hire Conscia, and our well-documented expertise creates security and quality in our delivery.

Validated Design
Our Consultants work is based on a validated design process. After a delivery, we are continuously working on providing service and support with our proprietary, and award-winning Service Delivery Platform (CNS).

Dedicated Experts
We want everything we deliver to be of the best class, so we do not use junior people at our service desk. Our customers always talk to experts. If our customers are having problems in their network and need urgent help, our experts will be available within five minutes.

Gold Partner
We have been working with Cisco since 1999 and is a Cisco Gold Partner. Several of our consultants have had Cisco’s highest technical certification, Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE), for over ten years. That means we can get Cisco products and we can say with credibility that we deliver well-functioning solutions when it comes to networking.

Trusted Advisor
Conscia also serves as a Trusted Advisor. For example, in our Best Practice Service Offer, we can suggest which software updates we recommend in the individual case, instead of always updating with the latest.


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