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In a world of constant change, we help you adapt to its digital risks – day in, day out.

You cannot protect yourself 100% against attacks. But you can always be 100% prepared.

As someone responsible for the security of your company’s information and data, you need to protect your organization against criminal and state actors, as well as tens of new vulnerabilities detected every single day.

Your IT architecture is typically complex, services are hybrid and intertwined, and there may be many applications not designed with modern threats in mind. And then there are the legal and compliance requirements such as GDPR and ISO standards.

To add insult to injury, an unacceptably large proportion of modern threats cannot be automatically prevented using security technology. Instead, we rely on expert-driven human detection to quickly identify threats as they infiltrate our resources, and using fast response, stop these threats in their tracks before they can cause business loss.

As such detection and response capabilities require broad and deep skills that are hard to find and hire, practically all organizations today acquire these capabilities through managed detection and response (MDR) services.

To address this, Conscia operates a state-of-the-art managed detection and response service – Conscia Cyberdefense – which instantly gives you the capabilities previously available only with high-end Security Operations Centers (SOC): broad and advanced detection capability, coupled with low deployment complexity and a cost-effective OPEX subscription model.

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Conscia Cyberdefense

Reduce 200 days to mere minutes
With our advanced detection technology, coupled with 24/7 expert monitoring by a Security Operations Center (SOC), 24/7 incident response, and a 24/7 security hotline, you can reduce this timeline from 200 days to minutes and respond promptly to contain or completely prevent a catastrophic breach. Conscia Cyberdefense offers customizable Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions that provide attack prevention, incident detection, and incident response capabilities, all delivered as a convenient managed service

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