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Conscia Network Services (CNS) is the umbrella description of the services delivered in our award-winning and unique Service Delivery Platform.

Infrastructure is mission critical in the modern network and has to support the business needs, no matter if services are delivered through a private, public or hybrid cloud solution. The number of assets is increasing through combinations of softwares and hardware-based solutions, and CNS is focusing on ensuring:

  • Stable and secure operation
  • SLAs matching your service strategy
  • Insights and control of your assets
  • Compliance of your implemented solutions
  • Automation and access to APIs to integrate to your own business processes and applications.

CNS is developed based on customer needs and experience from working with the most complex network infrastructure.

Conscia Network Services gives you access to the Service Delivery Platform CNS, that is your pane of glass in the collaboration with Conscia. Here, asset management is automated to the greatest possible extent with compliance and security in focus through best practice advisories.

No matter how automated the solutions are, our belief is that knowledge and people are still key to success in our collaboration – so welcome to the human network of knowledge in Conscia.

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