As the number of assets increases through combinations of software- and hardware-based solutions, ensuring a secure, compliant and reliable IT infrastructure has never been more challenging. Every asset in an infrastructure constitutes a potential risk, but with CNS you get a unique overview of all assets, contracts, and licenses. This way, you get to stay ahead of business and be proactive about risk management, procurement, budgeting, and compliance strategy planning. So, maybe CNS could be your strongest asset?

Risk Management
– CMDB: Asset control with an option to automate through the Conscia API to integrate into your own business applications
– Service Strategy: The right item, with the right SLA on the right location aligned with the operational plan
– Goal: Operational excellence gained through transparency

Financial Predictability
– Lifecycle: Budget forecasting, and service contract maintenance
– Technology roadmap: Real-time strategy discussions and decision making around technologies, to ensure future-proof design

Audit Compliance
– Security: Predict and asses the vulnerability impact on serial number level, to ensure correct documentation to use in Audits
– Tech Roadmap: Create your software strategy to ensure consistency and mitigate security risks

Always ahead of business

The award-winning CNS asset management portal will not only help you get a complete, real-time overview of all the devices, service contracts and software licenses within your IT infrastructure. It will help you ensure ongoing security and compliance so that you can be proactive and ensure better stability, risk management, procurement, and compliance strategy planning. Every single day.

  • Get an overview of all devices, service contracts and software licenses
  • Ensure ongoing security, compliance, and governance
  • Optimize risk management, procurement, and compliance strategy

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