True cybersecurity is a native part of infrastructure, policies, and human processes

Cybersecurity is critical for all of us

Businesses and organisations everywhere depend on well-functioning IT networks. So do our daily lives and often enough, even life itself. We need our systems to be reliable, fast, and flexible, serving us data at all times, whether in the office or working from elsewhere. It is precisely this demand for ubiquity and flexible accessibility that can create multiple vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals are persistently inventing new and more advanced ways of attacking systems, and the threat assessments literally change from day to day. Therefore, our best defence is to be constantly on guard and prepared to deal with all kinds of attacks. Needless to say, this requires a lot from our IT solutions. At the same time, we are required to handle increasing demands for security documentation and certifications (ISO, NIST, CIS), from customers, suppliers, and other partners.

We help our customers deter cybercrime. Building on our knowledge with advanced system design and support, we can offer the necessary technological solutions, updated insight, and overview, freeing your resources to focus your core activities.

It’s about systems – and people

Cybersecurity is a lot about systems and tech, and perhaps even more about people. We will help you with both. From secure infrastructure design and implementation to processes, policies, and training that can ensure that your employees acquire the necessary skills and motivation to use it correctly and consistently. Covering all aspects of IT security, we take a holistic view of your security setup to achieve your organisational goals.

Conscia’s validated methodology will drive the process from analysis, risk assessment and consulting to design, implementation, optimisation as well as daily operations and support, when needed.

Two levels of managed security services

Conscia operates two advanced Managed Detection and Response services – the Conscia SOC (Security Operations Center) and Conscia Cyber Defense.

Conscia SOC can be partly or fully managed by our system experts, which allows us to take full responsibility for your information and communication technology (ICT). If you want a part-service solution, the Conscia Cyber Defense provides you with a state-of-the-art detection capability, previously only available in high-end security operation centres, coupled with low deployment complexity and cost-effective OPEX subscription. The choice is yours.

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Cybersecurity solutions

All companies are different, so why rely on generic security technology for your cybersecurity? With the help of Conscia’s Network of Knowledge, we can help you find the right processes and technology for every possible challenge you have. Our extensive portfolio is designed to support our customers before, during, and after security incidents.

By finding the right solution together, we can expand the robustness of your cybersecurity from a niche solution to complete security architecture. From a good idea to a complete process. From a person to an entire culture.

More about our cybersecurity solutions

Managed Security Services

Conscia operates a state-of-the-art managed detection and response service – Conscia Cyberdefense – which instantly gives you the capabilities previously available only with high end Security Operations Centers: broad and advanced detection capability, coupled with low deployment complexity and a cost-effective OPEX subscription model.

More about Managed Security Services

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