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Today, complexity of our IT systems is a major obstacle to providing effective cybersecurity defenses. Digital attacks are sourced from both external networks and internal systems, and target endpoints from laptops, servers, to mobile phones and enterprise IoT devices. These attacks often aim to widely propagate in order to inflict as much damage as possible.

All attacks have one thing in common – they traverse our computer networks, making these networks one of the best battlegrounds to stop, contain, or detect them. By using the power and ubiquity of the network, network security controls can often reduce the risk of these threats in the most cost-effective manner, compared to endpoint security solutions.

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Zero Trust – Going Beyond Perimeter

With the zero-trust model, you gain better visibility across your users, devices, containers, networks, and applications. And by using more authentication factors, adding encryption, and marking known and trusted devices, you can make life harder for attackers – without harming user productivity.

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Solution Description

In Conscia, we believe that the best technological prevention and detection of threats can only be achieved through a multi-layered approach of network and endpoint/application security. When working together, these two core layers work together to eliminate blind-spots, and provide a defense-in-depth, high-assurance protection system.

To this aim, we design, implement, and operate the following classes of network security solutions:

  • network infrastructure hardening and security baselines with our solutions for network device and network process security
  • network separation and isolation solutions to provide small (microsegmentation) or large-scale (MPLS/VPN and similar) network segmentation functionality
  • network access control / firewall / IPS / WAF solutions to provide controlled connectivity and data flow between networks with different levels of trust and sensitivity, such as towards the Internet, or internally within you data-centers
  • network edge security solutions to provide authenticated network access, network admission control, and controlled BYOD functionality
  • network incident detection to provide fast detection of suspicious activity, using anomaly detection and honeypots, and enable efficient local or managed incident response
  • content security and advanced network malware protection controls to address the threat of known and unknown (day-zero) malicious content transported inside network sessions (such as messaging applications, and web activity), before it can affect target endpoints
  • transmission security solutions that provide secure transport of sensitive data over wired and wireless LAN, MAN and WAN networks
  • secure remote access and mobility solutions to increase your productivity by securely integrating your mobile workforce using remote access and MDM/MAM/MCM solutions
  • security management solutions that provide scalable policy provisioning, network security event and information management (SIEM), and business-level management of firewalls to ensure the tightest of policies
To provide solutions that best fit specific customer environments, we integrate solutions from our different leading partners.

Why choose Conscia Network Security Solutions?

By using our network security solutions, you gain the following benefits:

  • Broad and cost-effective protection: Using our rich catalog of network security services, we can control risks using relatively simple and scalable solutions.
  • Low implementation risk: Based on our heritage of network engineering, our solutions can integrate with a wide variety of existing network environments and requirements.
  • High security assurance: By designing protection as a system, we can provide multi-layered, and hence high-assurance solutions with combined endpoint, network, and application controls.

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Solutions overview

Data Center & Cloud

For organisations aiming to stay ahead, choosing the right Data Center and Multicloud solutions is crucial.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not only about avoiding risk. If done right, a security setup also helps the business stay ahead.

Networking & Wireless

The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

Digital Workspace

In the age of mobile and cloud, information should be available to employees on any device and in any place.