Conscia Cyberdefense

Managed Prevention, Detection and Response Services

Today, everybody is the target of successful cybercrime business models.

The average cost of a single incident has climbed to over EUR 2 million for a 500-strong company. The inability of traditional prevention technology to detect advanced attacks has resulted in more than 200 days needed on average to detect a breach.

Reduce 200 days to mere minutes

With our advanced detection technology, coupled with 24×7 expert monitoring, 24×7 incident response, and a 24×7 security hotline, you can reduce these 200 days to minutes and respond in time to contain or entirely prevent a catastrophic breach. Conscia Cyberdefense is a set of customizable Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions that provides you with attack prevention, incident detection, and incident response capability consumed as a simple managed service.

Choose the right tools

Legacy incident detection approaches centered on SIEM platforms do not perform and scale well. Instead, modern detection approaches use smarter algorithms packed into EDR and XDR platforms that run closer to attacker activity. Conscia Cyberdefense uses these approaches to create significantly better, simpler, and more cost-efficient detection platforms while optionally integrating with traditional SIEM and log management platforms where integration and retention capabilities are key.

Grow secure together

Besides detecting and preventing security incidents, our goal is to improve your security maturity continuously. Through continuous recommendations and the assistance of dedicated senior security analysts attached to your MDR service, we can grow together, providing the necessary feedback that allows you to design and implement your security strategy and roadmap optimally.

Levels of Conscia Cyberdefense Service

Cyberdefense Endpoint

  • 24×7 endpoint (EPP/EDR) monitoring
  • 80%+ risk coverage
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint or Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Pro
  • Extremely fast deployment and negligible environment footprint

Cyberdefense XDR

  • 24×7 endpoint, identity, SaaS, and network monitoring
  • 90%+ risk coverage
  • Microsoft Defender XDR suite or Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR suite
  • Fast deployment and small environment footprint

Cyberdefense Enterprise

  • 24×7 monitoring using any data source
  • Risk coverage depending on included data sources
  • Managed Elastic SIEM
  • Longer deployment and larger environment footprint

Conscia Cyberdefense business benefits

  • Prevention of business loss through fast detection and remediation of cybersecurity incidents
  • Optimal security investmentbased on direct feedback from your risk environment
  • Compliance with industry or legal regulation
Cyber Security

Conscia Cyberdefense MDR services

  • 24×7 security monitoring
  • 24×7 incident response
  • Managed continuous vulnerability assessment
  • Managed attack surface management
  • Managed deception
  • Managed brand protection
  • Managed data leakage detection
  • Managed red teaming
  • Threat intelligence sharing
  • Security reporting and recommendations

Our cybersecurity solutions

Navigate through our cybersecurity solution framework below to read more about our solutions and services.

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