Endpoint Protection: Our defenses protect your devices, blocking and detecting threats to prevent major incidents.

Vulnerable digital devices – a key target for cyber attacks

Digital endpoints, such as phones, tablets and computers are now the ultimate target for attackers and an easy gateway to our sensitive data and business processes. This is due to vulnerability in endpoint software and their susceptibility to malware. And from the many ransomware attacks in the last decade, they are clearly high risk for localized or large-scale compromises.

Not only this, but digital attackers constantly evolve their methods to achieve the best possible results. Therefore, we predict the vast majority of attacks in the future will use endpoints as their preferred compromise tool.

The cost of these security breaches is high, with lost business and significant endpoint and data repairs. It is paramount to defend your endpoint environment from cyber threats to prevent and limit damage to your business.

Why choose Conscia Endpoint Protection?

By working with Conscia, you will be reaping the benefits of:

  • Wide threat protection: Our full-spectrum, multi-layered solutions provide defences against an extremely wide set of modern endpoint threats.
  • Flexibility: Our endpoint solutions are flexible, multi-vendor, and supported on the majority of known OS platforms today, including Windows, Apple OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.
  • Visibility: It is possible to expand our endpoint protection solutions with detection and response features. These can be used in an organisation’s current detection and response processes, or by a managed security service such as the Conscia SOC.

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Solution Description

Consica uses a full-spectrum, multi-layer cybersecurity approach to protect IT endpoints.

To provide defence capabilities on IT endpoints themselves, Conscia offers integrated Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) that:

  • Protect endpoints from advanced malware
  • Protect endpoints from exploitation
  • Offer sandbox evaluation
  • Offer the capability for endpoint detection and response (EDR) to react quickly to incidents.

Conscia integrates EPP solutions from a variety of major vendors, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco Systems
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Fidelis Security
  • Check Point Software
  • Carbon Black

Additionally, we have extensive experience hardening security and creating security baselines for applications and operating systems. We provide high-quality “secure by default” endpoint configurations that can be maintained over time using Desired State Configuration (DSC) solutions.

To create defence in-depth solutions that significantly improve your endpoint security, Conscia recommends a multi-layered approach of both endpoint and off-endpoint controls, such as:

  • Conscia network security solutions that control connectivity and control content delivered to and from sensitive endpoints
  • Conscia messaging security solutions that control email and messaging processes that are often the prime source of malware delivery
  • Conscia web security solutions that provide control over risks associated with web applications and browsing
  • Conscia risk and vulnerability assessment solutions to give you a clear picture and plan for existing vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Conscia security awareness training solutions to educate users on the risks and desired behavior when using IT resources
  • Conscia managed SOC and incident response solutions to provide fast and efficient detection and mitigation of ongoing incidents

Our cybersecurity solutions

Navigate through our cybersecurity solution framework below to read more about our solutions and services.

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