Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

As Advanced Consulting Partners in Amazon Web Service (AWS) we can offer an extremely reliable service with unlimited capacity, high flexibility, and scalability.

Experts in Amazon Web Services

We are certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and experts in Amazon Web services (AWS). Our consultants have been approved for the AWS DevOps Competency Program and accredited to the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

The team has worked in the cloud from the very beginning. We have realised the great potential of Amazon Web Services. And as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we develop all kinds of cloud solutions for companies and the public sector.

This means that our customers – regardless of size – are assured the best possible opportunities when placing all of their data in an AWS cloud solution, and thereby utilizing cloud technologies for optimal and efficient business operations.


Doing business with an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner means that our customers are secured a loyal partner, who has great knowledge with all processes regarding cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.

Choosing cloud computing and cloud solutions means that the company’s IT infrastructure becomes an internet-based service. Our consultants are approved via the AWS DevOps Competency Program, which documents our special expertise in locating data in specialized and professional data-centers with a strong focus on operational stability and extremely high security.

We specialise in all forms of Internet-based computing, cloud computing, and cloud solutions, so we ensure that our customers get the maximum return out of their IT investments.


We are ready with a best in class advicespecialized knowledge, and hands-on from the first initial questions, to services transferred to AWS, and to development of platforms.

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Services overview

Secure immediate access to highly qualified help in case of incidents and support the preparation of a long-term plan for managing network devices.

A coordinated sequence of activities in deploying and operating technologies and optimizing their performance.

Simple, Flexible, and Scalable Services that support your legacy infrastructure.

Our award-winning and unique Service Delivery Platform, CNS (Conscia Network Services).

Utilise cloud technologies for optimal and efficient business operations.

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