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Conscia is making new strategic acquisition in Denmark

Press release, September 17, 2020

Brøndby, September 17th, 2020, – Conscia, the expert in IT infrastructure and security solutions, has today acquired the Danish IT consulting company and VMware partner, Net IT.

A week ago, Conscia entered into a purchase agreement with the cyber security company Credocom and today the acquisition of consulting company Net IT, is announced. Net IT has offices in Vallensbæk and Odense, Denmark. By adding more specialized VMware competencies, Conscia segments its position even more in core deliveries to the network, the data center, and the mobile endpoints, just as Conscia’s security solutions are strengthened.

Expansion of the most skilled VMware team in Denmark
Casper Andrup Larsen, founder and co-owner of Net IT, is very much looking forward to becoming part of Conscia and says, “As an expert house with a laser focus on the sharpest people and quality solutions, we look forward to being part of Conscia’s talented consulting team. We now have significantly better opportunity to scale our services, and to get more people on the team, and also to help Conscia’s customers to achieve even more value from their infrastructure.”

Virtualization – great value and more security
With Net IT, Conscia will be the strongest at VMware in Denmark. Together, we can offer our customers the best data center virtualization solutions in the market, with high scalability, extended functionality, and rock solid security,” says Henrik Møll, CTO, Conscia Denmark, and continues; ” It has always been crucial for Conscia to have the deepest competencies and deliver highest quality to our customers, so we are very pleased to welcome Denmark’s leading experts on VMware.”

Another good match
“It’s absolutely fantastic. Last week, we welcomed a team of security specialists from Credocom, and now we can welcome the VMware specialists from Net IT, who clearly fit the first acquisition as well as the Conscia team. We will be able to create even more value for our customers, and I am very much looking forward to the dialogues,” says Conscia Denmark’s Managing Director, Mette Louise Kaagaard, and continues: “At the same time, I see the two acquisitions as a great vote of confidence from our owners to all Conscia employees, that we have a great company that is ready for further growth.”

About Conscia Denmark
Conscia builds Denmark’s digital infrastructure. We provide IT infrastructure solutions and 24/7 services within network, data center, security, mobility, and cloud. Together with our customers, we strive to get the greatest possible benefits from the latest technologies. We want to be the most skilled in our areas and combine a deep professionalism with the right attitude to create value among customers, that the projects succeed, and that tasks are solved quickly and efficiently. Read more at

About Net IT
Net IT is Denmark’s only consulting company with 100% focus on VMware, which provides quality solutions to larger and smaller companies in Denmark and abroad. Net IT’s employees are the leading experts in Denmark and the Nordic countries on VMware, and therefore they have a special focus on virtualization solutions within server, network, desktop and application. The team will become an integral part of Conscia and move in as soon as possible.

Conscia Acquires Cloud Service Provider Damecon and takes the next step in digital transformation support

Press release, September 17, 2020

Gouda, September 17th, 2020 – Conscia, an ICT service provider specializing in IT infrastructure and security solutions, has acquired the managed cloud service provider Damecon. With this acquisition, Conscia is taking its next step in digital transformation support.  Conscia now offers clients an all-in solution for their entire ICT infrastructure, with managed services for connectivity, security, data management, and cloud management, including access to public cloud providers. In doing so, Conscia is meeting the growing demand for a single point of contact for ICT infrastructure support.

Damecon is a cloud service provider that offers managed services for infrastructure, cyber security, and data management. Thanks to a multicloud architecture, workloads and associated data can be securely and easily transferred between the client’s data center various private and public clouds. These solutions have helped Damecon gain traction in a market that is increasingly transitioning towards multicloud computing, such as the health care sector, within which Conscia is strongly represented.

‘By combining Damecon’s managed cloud services with our networking, cyber security, and collaboration services, we can fully support clients in their digital transformation,’ explains Marcel Cappetti, CEO of Conscia Netherlands. ‘This enables us to respond even better to the growing demand for a wider range of managed services. This demand is based on the need for more efficiency and sustainability, and a growing interest in pay-per-use.’

‘With the acquisition of Damecon, we have expanded our managed services with cloud solutions that form the basis for hybrid laaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. This includes server and desktop virtualization, Backup-as-a-Service, and Archiving-as-a-Service. A multicloud architecture allows us to offer hybrid workloads from the client’s location, the Conscia Cloud platform, or public platforms such as Microsoft Azure,’ explains Jeffrey den Oudsten, Solutions Director at Conscia Netherlands.

Through this acquisition, Conscia has also obtained partner status for several suppliers in the data center and cloud domain, such as NetApp Cloud Provider, VMware Cloud Provider, and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Tier 1.

‘A similar vision and corporate culture were the deciding factors that encouraged us to continue our mission through Conscia,’ says Jory van DAM, CTO and founder of Damecon. ‘Conscia is known for its knowledge and skill in the field of secure connectivity. By joining forces, we are complementing the portfolio and supporting the trend towards managed services, whereby the needs of our clients and a long-term partnership are paramount.’

About Conscia

Conscia is a Network of Knowledge and an ICT service provider that specializes in cyber security, IT infrastructure solutions, and managed services. As a trusted advisor Conscia strives to support the customers ‘business-critical IT infrastructure’ across the entire value chain from design, implementation, operation and optimization. The ambition is supported by profound technical competencies and insight, which is displayed through the unique customer portal, this also forms the basis for the best customer experiences and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. Another strategic goal for Conscia is to be the most attractive workplace for talented IT infrastructure specialists in Europe.

Currently Conscia Group has more than 750 employees across six countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, and Slovenia), with an annual turnover of approximately 2,5 bn DKK.  For more information, please visit

Conscia Nederland is located in Gouda and has 200 employees. For more information, please visit:

About Damecon
Damecon is a cloud service provider, which offers managed services across the entire it infrastructure chain.Services are offered from its datacenters and if required on the customer site.

Damecon has strategic partnerships with various technology partners, and is NetApp Cloud Provider, VMware Cloud Provider, and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Tier 1.

Damecon has 20 employees, is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has an annual turnover of approximately 4.5 million euros. For more information, please visit:

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