Today, customers, co-workers, clients, visitors, and students accept nothing but a first-class wireless experience.

Our wireless solutions cover the highest requirements to their wireless network infrastructure

At Conscia, we deliver and service wireless solutions from Cisco, the world’s leading producer of network solutions. We have a long track record of creating efficient wireless networks in — among other places — large European hospitals, schools, and warehouses, indoor as well as outdoor.

The solution is based on access points connected to a wireless LAN controller, offering intelligence, security, and efficiency with unified access. This makes it possible to handle large changes in a number of devices accessing the network, ensure a high degree of robustness, e.g., by using redundant WLC solutions. On top of this, the solution supports the 802.11ac standard.

Cisco Meraki is the solution for smaller organisations, and it comes with several unique advantages with respect to simple and easy administration. Meraki is designed with cloud in mind, and it offers web-based access to Meraki’s Dashboard for a quick overview of the entire network. It is also possible to define templates, which means that all configuration of new access points can be made by the click of a button.

Both Meraki and Cisco Wireless solutions can be upgraded with Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), which uses the wireless network infrastructure to collect detailed location data from wireless devices connected to the network.

Transparency and Analytics are both essential aspects of the modern network

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, together with constant real-time monitoring, provide the possibility of self-healing networks so that possible problems can be responded to quickly and effectively.

Conscia Guest Portal

Grant guests controlled access to the network based on the guest’s own NemID, SMS or social media accounts.

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