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Conscia ThreatInsights is a team of dedicated Threat Intelligence and Reverse Engineering experts working on delivering TI to our audiences.

Our mission is to deliver relevant and credible Threat Intelligence to our customers. We emphasize the words relevant and credible because we strongly believe in delivering quality content rather than quantitative.

  • Relevant means that we analyze threats and determine whether they are a threat to a specific entity (i.e., our customer).
  • Verifying the credibility of our sources is key to our mission. Clearnet news can be a source of lots of information. Without proper examination, analysis and evaluation, that information may not be true or relevant to you, regardless of the pompous title. Our sources heavily rely on Dark Web monitoring, where the latest threats appear first and are highly credible.

We also believe that sharing Threat Intelligence with everyone is beneficial for the whole cybersecurity scope. This is why we would like to invite you to subscribe to our free newsletter, where you will receive weekly trending cyber threats information on a global scale.

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