About Conscia

We build and service some of Europe’s most complex IT infrastructures.

Securing Digital Business Agility

At Conscia our work creates meaning when we enable you to fully benefit from global innovations in infrastructure & digitalisation while protecting data and system integrity for you and your customers.

Doing business in the age of IT is much like working with IT in businesses: It can be extremely rewarding and extremely challenging.

In our Network of knowledge, we share insights from our niche in the digital world; the complex infrastructures. It’s for business people trying to see the potential of IT — and for IT people trying to help the business realize its full potential.

This is supported by our day to day ambitions to…

  • Build the leading European provider of secure, reliable IT infrastructure based on solutions from Cisco, supplemented by other category leaders
  • Be the best partner for your mission-critical IT infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Give you a unique and value adding customer experience through our proprietary software CNS Customer Portal (Digital Service Delivery Platform)
  • Be the most attractive and admired place to work for talented IT infrastructure specialists with deep technical expertise
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