Education and research institutions are more vulnerable than ever

As a research or educational institution, you are a grateful target for cybercriminals. Especially in this challenging time, with more online education, teachers and students often approach home applications. The risk of a data breach is high; the consequences are incalculable. With Conscia Security Services for Education, you have a focus on delivering the best education. We make sure you can do this safely!

Education and research institutions are more vulnerable than ever and a significant target for cybercriminals. Indeed, in these challenging times, when more online education occurs, and teachers and students often access home applications, the risks only increase.

The chance of a data breach is high, and the consequences are incalculable due to the large amount of confidential data from students, teachers, and third parties held by a school or university.

High costs

If your organization is compromised and security incidents occur, this can entail sky-high costs; an average of 3 million, so let the Cost of Health Care Data Breach  studies show, conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute. 

Much time needed to isolate incidents

Security incidents are so precious because of the time it takes organizations to isolate incidents. Often an incident is only discovered when the attackers have already penetrated the network very deeply and have had the time to snoop around for a long time: an average of 200 days.

Additional challenges

 Besides, research and educational institutions face several challenges:

  • Students are a weak link (low awareness of online security)
  • Tight IT budgets
  • Lack of insight into the devices used in the context of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Shortage of cybersecurity specialists in IT teams (resources)

How can you meet challenges and reduce risks?

Research and educational institutions can reduce the risks of attacks through the right combination of prevention, detection, and response.

Conscia is happy to help you with this. We have been a reliable ICT partner for education for more than 30 years.

  • Our managed detection and response service can reduce the average detection time from 200 days to a few hours or days, allows a quick response to limit damage and costs, or even prevent them entirely.
  • Conscia is one of the few parties with a direct and secure connection with SURF’s data center.
  • Our managed detection and response service is offered in a subscription form and can protect within weeks.
  • We know from experience that the cost of these managed services is about a third of the investment required for comparable services provided by your organization.

With Conscia Security Services for Education, you can once again focus on delivering the best education. We ensure this is done safely!

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