Conscia acquires Swedish top specialist in automation – Miradot

Conscia, a leading provider of security and IT infrastructure solutions, acquires the Swedish consulting company Miradot, with an expected revenue this year of EUR 7.1 million (SEK 80 million).

Miradot accelerates digital transformation for its customers by automating infrastructure in cloud, data center, network, security, and service providers according to a self-developed framework. In 2020, the company became the world’s first Cisco DevNet Specialized Partner. The acquisition opens for an expansion of Conscia’s automation services both nationally and internationally.

Following a period of strong performance through organic growth, the acquisition is in line with our strategy to grow both organically and through consolidation. We aim to continue broadening our solutions and services in each market and leveraging our offerings and competencies across the group. Miradot fits into this perfectly well, and we welcome them aboard,” says CEO Erik Bertman, Conscia Group.

Gartner predicts double-digit growth even in 2023 in software investments for increased productivity through automation and transformation.

The digital transformation with AI support has only just begun. Today, a company’s success depends more than ever on the ability to quickly adopt and transform new technology into business value. This ability is determined by how well one can not only automate infrastructure but also adapt processes and culture. Miradot addresses all parts, which is unique. We have seen what a tremendous difference they make for several joint customers to realize the value of their IT investments,” says Lars Kyhlstedt, GM of Conscia Sweden.

Since its start in 2015, Miradot has successfully delivered automation using its automation framework, Digital Transformation Driver, for large service providers and financial organizations, among others. Miradot’s framework coaches and includes the customer in the development in a way that makes the customer independent after delivery is completed.

Conscia are the best at IT infrastructure. They complement our automation offering incredibly well, and our joint delivery works very well in practice. We’re the best at automation. With Conscia, we can, as part of a larger team and broader offering, increase our capacity with existing customers while quickly reaching many more both nationally and internationally. By combining our offerings, experiences, and competencies, we further increase our market advantage,” says Marcus Lind, CEO and co-founder of Miradot.

Miradot’s consultants are all certified in Cisco’s development program Devnet, and the company is one of the world’s most certified in Pure Storage’s storage system Portworx. The automation process is vendor-independent, but Miradot focuses on Cisco, Pure Storage, and SmartOptics, all of which are also partners with Conscia.

Starting from the first of June, Miradot will be included in Conscia as the Automation business area. Existing customer relations are not affected by the change of ownership. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

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Daniel Siberg. Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, +46 734082778, [email protected]

About Miradot
Miradot is a consulting firm that designs, implements, and automates infrastructure in data centers, networks, security, and service providers. Miradot was founded in 2015 and now has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In 2022, Miradot had a turnover of approximately 56.9 million SEK with 11 employees. In 2020, Miradot became the world’s first Cisco DevNet Specialized partner. Miradot is Cisco Sweden’s Cloud Partner of the Year 2022, as well as Transformation Partner of the Year 2020 and 2021. For more information, visit:

Erik Bertman, Chief Executive Officer, Conscia A/S
Erik Bertman, Chief Executive Officer, Conscia A/S
Lars Kyhlstedt, GM, Conscia Sweden
Lars Kyhlstedt, GM, Conscia Sweden
Marcus Lind, CEO and co-founder, Miradot
Marcus Lind, CEO and co-founder, Miradot


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