xevIT becomes Conscia Germany

Conscia has been operating on the German market under the name xevIT – part of Conscia and from the new Conscia financial year starting October 1, 2023, xevIT GmbH will change its name to Conscia Deutschland GmbH.

A small change in practical terms, but the new name holds great signaling value as it solidifies the affiliation, coherence, and collaboration within the Conscia Group that xevIT’s customers already experience in everyday life today.

Since xevIT is operating as a fully integrated part of the Conscia Group, the change of name and logo will not impact any contracts and agreements, which will be wholly continued by Conscia Germany.

“It is business as usual for our customers, and we are looking forward to continuing our journey together under the new brand. As an integrated part of the Conscia family, we have access to a broad knowledge network, an expansive service portfolio, and over 1,000 international experts to support our customers effectively in their digital transformation and across markets and geographies,” says Sven Heinsen, General Manager, Conscia Germany.

Europe’s largest market for IT services and solutions

Germany is the largest market for IT services and solutions in Europe with substantial growth opportunities, and Conscia is aiming at doubling the German business over the next two years. Following the acquisitions of the system house ethcon and consulting specialist lifecon earlier this summer, Conscia expanded its German organization by more than 40%, adding around 50 IT professionals to the 120 IT and administrative specialists in Conscia Germany. The company operates from offices in Ettlingen and Leverkusen.

“With the acquisitions, we have strengthened our market position and built our core portfolio of products and services to accelerate growth through increased customer value for companies operating in the German market. The change in name and logo signifies our business strategy to act as one Conscia,” says CEO Erik Bertman, Conscia Group.

Across the group Conscia operates an extensive 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) where qualified engineers monitor large and complex company networks. The NOC uses various systems to manage networks remotely and extremely securely. This is supplemented by an advanced Managed Detection and Response service – the Conscia SOC – that manages customers’ security before, during, and after an attack.

For further information about Conscia Germany, kindly refer to their LinkedIn profile via the following link.

Erik Bertman, Chief Executive Officer, Conscia A/S
Erik Bertman, Chief Executive Officer, Conscia A/S
Sven Heinsen, Country manager Conscia Germany / xevIT
Sven Heinsen, Country manager Conscia Germany
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