Hillerød Municipality Gains More Functionality for the Same Price with New VMware Package

Hillerød Municipality feared the worst but was pleasantly surprised when Conscia presented VMware’s new license package structure and pricing. For the same amount they currently pay, the municipality now has access to the same VMware technology, plus a lot of additional functionality they will need in the future.

Since Broadcom acquired VMware in 2023, everyone using VMware software has followed developments closely. What would it mean for their solutions and, most importantly, the pricing? These concerns were also felt in Hillerød Municipality, where VMware’s vSphere and NSX DFW products have been used for years.

“I’ve been in the industry for many years and understand that these IT solutions come with a cost,” begins Claus Jensen, Head of Citizen Services and Digitalization at Hillerød Municipality. He explains that following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, there were rumors about the introduction of new packages that would be “outrageously expensive.” Some customers even openly considered switching from VMware due to the anticipated high costs. Therefore, Claus Jensen was quite anxious when Conscia came to present the future possibilities with Vmware, especially the pricing.

“I later told Conscia they should have started with presenting the price because I was bracing for a shock. Especially when they mentioned that there would be two VMware packages and that we needed the expensive one. But then they told me the price of our package was the same as before. My shoulders immediately relaxed. I even asked them to double-check to make sure it was correct. They did, and it was accurate.”

Additional Products Included in the Package

Claus Jensen further explains that the business case for the new VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) package, which Hillerød Municipality has purchased, is very promising. Previously, the NSX DFW solution included several technological components that Hillerød Municipality did not use but still paid for. Hillerød Municipality retains the NSX DFW functionality with the new licensing package but now only pays for the components they use, making the overall solution economically attractive. Additionally, the VCF package includes several interesting components that can be implemented in the future.

“Soon, we need to replace our storage system, and we can use the vSAN Enterprise solution included in the VCF package. We don’t have to pay extra for it. So, we have the same solution as before, plus a lot more, without any additional cost. I am very satisfied with that,” says Claus Jensen.

The shift to VCF has only recently been finalized, so aside from the storage solution, Hillerød Municipality has not yet had time to explore the other components of the package thoroughly. However, Claus Jensen knows that Aria Suite Enterprise, for example, offers various opportunities for efficiency and optimization. These include monitoring, performance optimization, rightsizing capabilities, reporting, automation, log analysis, and lifecycle management.

Retention of Resources and Knowledge

For Claus Jensen, it is highly valuable that Hillerød Municipality is not indirectly forced to replace VMware due to aggressive pricing.

“Let’s imagine for a moment that the many stories about high prices had been true. We might have had to look for alternatives. However, we are happy with our VMware products, and my team has built up much knowledge about the technologies, which would be lost if we replaced them. There is always a high cost associated with switching products—that should not be overlooked,” says Claus Jensen.

He explains that Hillerød Municipality and Conscia have a long-standing relationship. One of the things he appreciates most is that he always deals with consultants and technicians who know Hillerød Municipality’s setup, so they don’t have to start from scratch every time they work on a task.

“I only have praise for Conscia. Both for the technical quality of their services and for the back office support, where we feel our needs are listened to. Conscia has a professionalism and seriousness that I highly appreciate,” he concludes.

About Hillerød Municipality

Hillerød Municipality has over 50,000 residents. As a workplace, Hillerød Municipality employs approximately 4,900 people, of whom about 400 work at Hillerød Town Hall, while the rest work in the municipality’s decentralized institutions, serving children, young people, and the elderly.

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