Cinnober: Safer financial systems with Cisco

Cinnober is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of mission-critical trading and clearing systems for stock exchanges, banks, and clearing houses. Its network is based on Cisco switches and a software-defined architecture.

The financial sector is highly dependent on its IT systems. They must be fast, secure, flexible, and accessible at all times of the day. Especially when the world’s leading stock exchanges and clearing houses are among the clients who run their critical business processes over the networks.

Swedish Cinnober is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of mission-critical trading and clearing systems for stock exchanges, banks, and clearing houses. On top of that, Cinnober offers market research solutions.

In 2017, Cinnober was looking for a partner that could provide new and future-proof networks. Fast, secure, flexible, and easy manageable at the same time.

At the beginning of 2018, Cinnober chose a network solution based on modern Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches and a software-defined network (SDN). Provided by Conscia in Sweden.

Conscia could more competent than its competitors offer the necessary Cisco-certified expertise, validated solutions, and a competitive price.

Today, Conscia has installed a cutting-edge network with Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches and a future-proof software defined architecture (SDN).

Conscia does also provide support to Cinnober’s office in London. The Swedish Fintech specialist has offices on four continents.

“At Cinnober, we develop and run financial systems that can handle both today’s demands and the challenges the fintech sector will meet in the future. We collaborate with the leading players in the world. Conscia and Cisco support us on a high level with knowhow, skills and solutions,”

The new network solution with Intel x86 based Catalyst 9000 switches is prepared for future expansion that improves reliability, security and flexibility.

First thing has been a partition of the network and an even better control of the communication that goes through the elements. After that comes a stronger access control of the users.

“Cinnober is a fantastic and extremely innovative Fintech company. Its solutions are cutting edge, very secure and highly performing. We are proud to have Cinnober’s confidence,” says Bengt Lundgren, CEO of Conscia Sverige.

Cinnober has clients in the financial sector all over the world. They buy software, support, operation and development of world class critical business systems.

Cinnober uses segmentation of the network including access control to each of them. Cinnober solutions are safe and flexible at the same time. A new user to a Cinnober system will always get the right access privileges, no matter whether he is placed in Stockholm, Umeå, New York or London.

The new solution from Conscia is ready for moving over to a software defined network which simplifies segmentation and offers a higher flexibility than conventional solutions. It streamlines the handling and prevents manual errors by improved automation and policy control of the different units and processes in the network.

Cinnober’s portfolio covers all major requirements in the financial transaction chain – pricing, order matching, market data, index calculations, clearing, risk management and market surveillance.

Among Cinnober’s clients are Australian Securities Exchange, B3, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, Euronext, Japan Exchange Group, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, LME Clear and Stock Exchange of Thailand.

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