The Best Help Within Five Minutes

Conscia helps Europe’s leading skiing facilities management company, SkiStar, keeping its many computer systems running without any breaks.

Every ski enthusiast in Sweden does know SkiStar. The Swedish stock exchange listed company that runs the huge skiing facilities in Åre, Sälen, Vemdalen, Hemsedal, Trysil, and Hammarbybacken.

Since the two brothers Mats and Erik Paulsson opened their company in 1975, the group has grown rapidly. Today, SkiStar is Europe’s leading provider of alpine ski sports destinations.

What very few people know, however, is that SkiStar is cutting-edge in IT, with Conscia as one of its core suppliers of know-how, support, and IT consultancy.

SkiStar must have a very efficient computer system in order to coordinate the many geographically spread parts of its group. Many systems must run 24/7 – with everything from hotel booking platforms and conference management to lifts and piste machines.

“Reliability of our systems is business critical for our company. During the peak season, welcomes close to 450.000 guests. We demand a lot from ourselves when offering our customers, a world class experience. In terms of service and support of our IT systems, it is a matter of minutes – not hours or days. We consider IT as a core competence. Every minute where the systems don’t work will impact our business and customer service,”
says Peter Larsson who is the CIO at SkiStar.


Conscia is a specialist in helping companies and organizations with complex IT environments get transparency on the component level. It offers fast trouble shooting and diagnoses problems in the instance it occurs.

Customers can utilize this overview to proactively serve and support the right components before the problem comes. In order to offer such a service, Conscia has invested 30.000 hours in developing its own CNS portal.

“We were in a situation where we looked seriously at our partnerships with a number of different system integrators that we had used for a long time. We also analyzed how we could create a better overview of our IT environment,” explains Marcus Weman from SkiStar IT

“Conscia has helped us understand the benefits of working proactively with our service and support requirements. The CNS portal provides us with the possibility to check every version number, patch, and update in our Cisco environment,” he adds.

Many major companies and organizations with complex IT systems and its own in-house competence feel that they cannot get the external expert help they need in critical situations. Instead, they often have to access the supplier on a low technical level while valuable time is lost.

Conscia is a Cisco Gold Partner with many top-level certifications and several of the industry’s best experts. Our customers can get direct contact with the people who really know things. They don’t have to stick with a lower-level support person. The direct contact is usually established within a few minutes.

“Our collaboration with Conscia has given us a much better overview, even down on the component level. We minimize the risk of operation impact due to forgotten security updates and patches. A second positive effect is that we can, in less than five minutes, get a better understanding of potential issues. We get direct access to Conscia’s highly skilled Cisco experts. We don’t have to waste time at service desks,” says Peter Larsen, the CIO of SkiStar.

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