Max Geiger, Consultant - PCNSE, Conscia

Max Geiger

Consultant – PCNSE

Max Geiger – Passionate Cybersecurity Consultant and PCNSE

Max is an experienced cybersecurity consultant with an in-depth specialization in Palo Alto Networks products. With a PCNSE certification (Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer) to his name, Max Geiger demonstrates an exceptional understanding and competence in the latest network security technologies. His passion for cybersecurity is evident, and he is currently particularly focused on firewall technologies and their role in protecting organizations’ digital assets.

Major Clients and Strategic Decisions

Max has a proven track record of successfully working with major clients as a security consultant, where he has been responsible for designing and implementing robust security solutions. Through these projects, he has not only secured critical infrastructure but also contributed to shaping clients’ strategic security direction.

With his experience working with Security Operations Centers (SOC), Max has successfully implemented tailor-made SOC solutions that meet clients’ unique requirements and challenges. In these assignments, he has demonstrated the ability to understand and meet clients’ specific needs, while ensuring that the technical solutions are effective and relevant.

Expert with Multiple Certifications

Beyond his expertise in Palo Alto Networks, Max Geiger is also well-educated in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies. He holds several prestigious certifications, including Logpoint Certified Administrator, Logpoint Certified User, and Logpoint Advanced Certificate, which further broadens his knowledge base and ability to offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Max Geiger is not just a consultant with impressive technical skill; he is also a dedicated and customer-focused consultant who continuously strives to develop and implement the most effective security strategies and solutions to protect his clients against the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats in today’s digital world.

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