Recorded webinar:
Is Your Firewall Good Enough?
Secure it with AIOps and TISP

Everyone can get hacked – but is malware passing through your firewall right now? Are there any insecure DNS queries, and if so, from which device?

Would you like to have a quick and affordable extra check for that? According to Gartner, 99% of all breaches result from incorrect configurations. Do you want a quick, affordable, and automated check of your firewall rules? Join our webinar and learn how AIOps and TISP can solve this without additional hardware.

Never have fully functioning firewalls been so necessary – and required so much maintenance. Updates may be needed daily – but must not jeopardize function. Rules must meet the security frameworks’ requirements – but not create unnecessary obstacles. Let us show you affordable, fast, and partially automated ways to solve this from Conscia and Palo Alto Networks.

The webinar is in English.

Watch our webinar on how to easily get a full check of your firewall:

  • Quick malware check in Cisco, Fortinet, or Palo Alto Networks firewalls
  • Automated control of software, rules, license usage, and hardware with AIOps
  • A quick compliance check – here’s how you do it
  • Q&A – your questions, our answers
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