Digital Workspace

In the age of mobile and cloud, information has become available to employees from any device and any place. 

Enabling the Digital Workspace

The advantages of making data more accessible to the employees and bringing work processes into the field are significant; it increases the quality of services, empower employees and improves employee satisfaction and reduces operational costs. Companies successfully re-think and optimize value chains using mobile work processes.

But to unlock the full potential of mobile and cloud technology, organizations must secure data, support the mobile workforce and develop the digital workspace.

These tasks call for a new approach to IT management, as the modern user may not be working from an office using a company pc to connect over the company network.

We have more than 15-years experience from hundreds of customers, building user-centric, simple and secure solutions.

Define the strategic approach to digital work

We facilitate workshops and perform analysis to design the perfect digital workspaces for your organization. Together, we formulate clear principles, objectives, and guidelines for working digital. This allows you to navigate more easily in a rapidly changing digital world.

Keep devices and corporate data secure and under control

We can help you secure your digital assets on devices, in the data center, and in all your Clouds. As most data is encrypted during transmission, it must be analysed and potentially intercepted at the user’s device. Our security solutions are based on technology from market-leading vendors.

We also deliver password-less solutions based on your existing infrastructure to protect the identity and login credentials of the users. Passwords are becoming an increasingly weak spot in data protection – one study found that 43 % of requestees would willingly exchange their password for a piece of chocolate.

Automate management of the infrastructure and devices

Setting up devices, configuring apps and connecting to the infrastructure used to be manual and often complex tasks. They can all be automated using an enterprise mobility management tool (EMM). We are certified providers of EMM solutions from all leading manufacturers in the market.

Deliver superior user experience

We can help design the digital workspace so that users can quickly and easily access all relevant tools and apps. When work tools are difficult to access, complex to use or does not offer the desired value, users will seek alternative solutions, which may not even be known by the organisation.

Solutions overview

The network touches basically everything in any company. This makes it an ideal platform for improving security as well as business efficiency.

Cybersecurity is not only about avoiding risk. If done right, a security setup also helps the business stay ahead.

For organisations aiming to stay ahead, choosing the right Data Center and Multicloud solutions is crucial.

In the age of mobile and cloud, information should be available to employees on any device and in any place.

The Conscia IoT Device Portal will help ease the configuration and onboarding of new devices in the network.

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