Managed Services

Our Network Operations Center monitors complex networks, detects faults, solve problems immediately, and more.

IT Infrastructure Solutions and 24/7 Services

Companies increasingly depend on their ICT infrastructure, making an 24/7 Service an absolute requirement. In the unlikely event of a fault, it is important to trace and resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • Monitoring complex company networks
    Conscia has an extensive Network Operations Center (NOC) where qualified engineers monitor large and complex company networks. The NOC uses various systems to manage networks remotely and extremely securely.
  • Detecting crucial disruptions
    With the NOC, we can take over the business-critical task of quickly detecting crucial disruptions in the network. In most cases, our engineers can diagnose problems, solve them, or realize workarounds remotely.
  • Change management
    We also carry out change management at your request via an agreed request for change procedures. The storage of information about network components (CMDB) and documentation is also part of the NOC services.

Customer Cases in numbers

Schiphol Airport

  • Biggest airport Netherlands
  • Europe 4th busiest airport
  • 55M passengers yearly
  • 65,000 employees (total site)
  • 60,000 network ports
  • 35,000 network clients
  • 1300 logical devices, 2800 Ap`
Services overview

Secure immediate access to highly qualified help in case of incidents and support the preparation of a long-term plan for managing network devices.

A coordinated sequence of activities in deploying and operating technologies and optimizing their performance.

Simple, Flexible, and Scalable Services that support your legacy infrastructure.

Our award-winning and unique Service Delivery Platform, CNS (Conscia Network Services).

Utilise cloud technologies for optimal and efficient business operations.

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