Recorded webinar:
Optimize your digital experience with ThousandEyes

Illustration used for our recorded webinar for a comprehensive walkthrough of ThousandEyes, featuring insights on Cisco Meraki & Catalyst integration, optimizing your company’s digital experience, a detailed ThousandEyes demo, and real-world use cases.

ThousandEyes demo: Revolutionize your network management and optimize your digital experience

In a world where SaaS-based productivity and collaboration tools have revolutionized our working lives, IT teams face new and complex challenges. Ensuring seamless performance for critical applications on-prem and in the cloud has never been more important.

Watch this strategic and technical in-depth webinar that will give you insights and tools to navigate a complex IT environment. By mastering ThousandEyes, a cutting-edge network management platform, you will learn how to effectively diagnose and resolve network-related issues, from your on-prem network to cloud-based SaaS applications.

A webinar for all levels of skills

  • For Beginners: Start your journey into the ThousandEyes universe. Discover how guided navigation can help you identify and fix performance issues in a SaaS-centric work environment. Learn the basics and more.
  • For Experienced Professionals: Take your skills to the next level. Our interactive segment gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore advanced strategies and techniques to fine-tune your troubleshooting skills.

Do infrastructure blind spots erode your ability to manage the network?

This webinar is your chance to reshape your strategy for managing your company’s internet and SaaS performance. By improving the digital experience for customers and employees, you not only improve user satisfaction but also the efficiency of the entire IT environment.

90-day trial license

To give you the opportunity to test ThousandEyes in your environment, we will, at the end of the webinar, offer you the opportunity to obtain a 90-day trial license via Conscia Sweden. A license that opens up for you to test how ThousandEyes can help you solve performance challenges in your IT environment and improve your company’s digital infrastructure.

Agenda for this webinar:

  • ThousandEyes walkthrough.
  • Cisco Meraki & Catalyst integration.
  • The company’s digital experience.
  • ThousandEyes Demo.
  • Use Case.
  • 90-day trial license. A unique opportunity.

Watch now and take the first step towards a future where you master the art of debugging your infrastructure and, with the help of ThousandEyes, optimize your company’s digital experiences. Welcome to an inspiring session that will change the way you think about network management and digital experiences.

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