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Users expect good experiences. Secure experiences. Seamless experiences across different technologies, locations, organizations, teams, people, and devices. New technology presents new and unexpected opportunities that can give your organization a greater return on investment and strengthen your core business.

Based on our experience, IT leadership typically prioritizes network efficiency and reliability to ensure it operates as intended. However, all devices connected to your network, including laptops, phones, cameras, and other devices, can improve your company’s performance.

At Conscia, we are not just selling a network – we also significantly enhance the business value your organization delivers to its customers. We help you evolve the role of the network from merely providing connectivity to becoming a platform for business innovation and transformation, ensuring that your customers and employees have a safer, more intelligent, and more seamless experience.

Cisco Spaces – a cloud-based platform for location services – facilitates a connection between the available data in your physical space and the insights that can help provide better experiences for customers and users. This playbook explores how Cisco Spaces enables the network to appeal to more than just network administrators, along with various use cases and customer stories.

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