Whitepaper: Cybersecurity and the human aspect
How the human aspect of cybersecurity affects the business

People are often referred to as the weakest link in security work and as the most challenging area to secure. And what about the “insider threat” – the demotivated or angry employee will harm the company?

Many of us think of the insider threat as something not concerning our company. We often feel we trust each other more than they do in other companies – Because what’s the point of hiring people if you don’t trust them?

Let’s look at the current threat situation and especially the ransomware threat. We see apparent similarities in how external and internal parties operate when they want to harm a company. There are also obvious similarities in how we, as security professionals, can protect a company.

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the human aspect of cyber security and what measures you can introduce to make your company more resistant to external and internal attacks.

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