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SASE: Secure connection everywhere – for everything and everyone

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Illustration of frontpage: This white paper explains SASE & Palo Alto Prisma solution.
This white paper explains SASE technology and its benefits, suggesting a gradual transition. It introduces Conscia’s SASE Assessment and Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma solution.

This whitepaper looks into SASE & Palo Alto Prisma solution. To explain why Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a contemporary network and security architecture, it is easiest to start with the evolving needs of businesses. Not long ago, most companies were organized around a central office with an associated data center.

Most employees spent their workdays at the central office, where they had direct access to data and applications in the data center. Then came the cloud, gradually lifting more of the infrastructure out of the data center and into the cloud – marking a new era in the operation and delivery of scalable computing resources and services.

The shift towards flexible work styles was already underway but was intensified by the pandemic, emphasizing companies’ desire to connect mobile employees with the organization’s digital resources regardless of time, place, or device – marking the beginning of the era of hybrid work.

We find the seed of SASE development if we condense this convergence between changing business needs and altered user behavior. SASE, on many parameters, is the natural evolution of a network architecture that can meet the demands of modern business operations with a mobile workforce and workloads spread across multiple locations. A SASE solution adds a complete layer of cloud-based security functionality whenever a user connects to an application or the internet from the central office, a foreign branch, home, or on the go. For companies struggling with poor user experiences and weak security, finding it challenging to identify the origins of network problems, SASE is a promising candidate for future-proof technology that can support evolving business needs.

SASE and Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SASE solution

This white paper initially unfolds the technological components and architecture of SASE solutions. Subsequently, it outlines the significant business benefits of using a SASE solution before explaining why the implementation of SASE doesn’t necessarily have to be a Big Bang but rather a gradual transition to new network and security principles. Finally, we introduce Conscia’s SASE Assessment and conclude with a brief presentation of Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SASE solution.

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