Centrica – Reliable energy in time of evolving cyber threats

Centrica Energy Trading A/S, a leading gas, power and LNG energy trader provides their clients with the best route-to-market services available to the market today. Heavily relying on IT and OT digital platforms, Centrica’s business critically depends 24/7 on their integrity and availability. Conscia managed security operations center (SOC) services are a core pillar in providing this assurance.

Conscia SOC helps keep your family warm during wintertime

Centrica Energy Trading provide their clients with the best route-to-market services available to the market today, integrating sophisticated software, trading and structuring and optimising exposures all the way from long term risk management down to physical trading seconds before delivery.

To support its business, Centrica relies on a complex hybrid IT/OT platform to support its business users, as well as reach out to energy automation systems. Faced with the challenges of own service criticality, combined with the market shortage of skilled cybersecurity talent, Centrica decided to deploy a managed detection and response solution to address modern digital risk. Centrica found the Conscia SOC, a managed, enterprise-featured SOC solution, to be the most optimal fit for their business and environment requirements.

”Conscia SOC services have significantly enhanced our ability to protect ourselves from the wide range of cyber threats that we know exist out there.” says Kenneth Fossum, Head of IT Operations, Centrica A/S.

Tight Cooperation is Key

Globally, attacks against critical services, such as energy distribution and transportation are becoming mainstream, with both cybercriminals and hostile state actors stepping-up their game to gain benefits from digital and physical damage.

To address these threats, Conscia SOC has provided Centrica with a technology-based detection and response solution, as well as extremely tight cooperation between Centrica IT and Conscia SOC teams to maximize the benefits of the managed service.

Kenneth Fossum further explained, “Our experience with Conscia, from the project kick-off to implementation, has been great. Their SOC team is extremely skilled, proactive and genuinely interested in helping our business take our IT Security posture to the next level”.

Not only has the Conscia SOC integrated existing security platforms and data sources under its detection and response services, but it has significantly enhanced security visibility and response capability by deploying endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology inside Centrica endpoint environment. EDR allows customers to look beyond automatic prevention, and detect threats that have been previously able to slip through advanced defences undetected.

Optimizing defenses instead of burdening customer IT

Managed SOC services often – especially when they are based around network detection – impose a significant operational burden on customers, as the managed service partner is unable to deeply and independently investigate the impact of suspicious activity on endpoints. In the Centrica environment, Conscia SOC can autonomously investigate the entire spectrum of suspicious activity, significantly lowering Centrica IT daily operational engagement.

As a consequence, the two teams cooperate to continually strengthen and optimize Centrica digital defenses based on findings of the managed SOC service, setting the course of company security strategy and constantly increasing Centrica’s overall security maturity.

Conscia SOC benefits for Centrica A/S

Conscia SOC business benefits

  • Reduced cyber risks through efficient detection and response capability
  • Significantly lower costs compared to an
    in-house solution
  • Continuously improving security maturity
  • Increased cybersecurity awareness at the company level
  • Compliance with sectorial best practices
    and regulations

Conscia SOC operational benefits

  • Seamless extension of company IT team
  • Regular operational meetings to track customer security improvements
  • Independent 24/7 investigation to unburden the company IT department
  • Inclusion of existing customer security tools and platforms for optimal ROI
  • SIEM platform management and tuning is part of managed SOC services
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