Folkuniversitetet enhances cybersecurity with Conscia SOC

After a data breach in 2021, it became clear that Folkuniversitetet needed an external security service, a so-called SOC (Security Operations Center). Managing cybersecurity across all 120 locations nationwide was no longer feasible internally. The choice fell on Conscia SOC, mainly due to positive experiences with Conscia in other projects.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for many companies and organizations today and is often a significant challenge. This challenge is particularly complex for Folkuniversitet (People’s university), a Swedish organization with networks and systems in 120 locations.

A unified IT organization

Folkuniversitetet consists of five regional foundations covering all of Sweden. IT and other technology solutions are managed by Folkuniversitetet’s Serviceaktiebolag, with about ten specialists responsible for the entire IT environment, including cybersecurity and networking. The IT organization also receives assistance from around twenty local technicians operating within Folkuniversitetet’s various foundations.

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Conscia SOC for the entire Folkuniversitetet

The need for a SOC (Security Operations Center) became apparent when Folkuniversitetet experienced a data breach in April 2021. To address the increasingly frequent cyber attacks, the decision was made to enlist the help of external security experts while simultaneously working to enhance internal security expertise, both within the IT organization and across the operations.

Conscia SOC: Martin Lundin and Cecilia Leufstedt, IT Service Managers at Folkuniversitetet
Martin Lundin and Cecilia Leufstedt, IT Service Managers at Folkuniversitetet

“We were in the process of formulating a two-year cybersecurity plan at the time of the breach. However, it ended up with us having to expedite a solution in less than three weeks,” says Martin Lundin and Cecilia Leufstedt, IT Service Managers at Folkuniversitetet.

Rapid Implementation of Conscia SOC

Folkuniversitetet was already in contact with Conscia through the company Secoa, which Conscia acquired in September 2020. Secoa was a supplier of the network solution Cisco Meraki. Since the collaboration with Meraki was successful, it was natural to turn to Conscia regarding a SOC.

According to Martin and Cecilia, it was easy to get started with Conscia SOC, and the collaboration has worked well. Conscia SOC currently oversees the integration and monitoring of local security solutions that are already in place. As Conscia SOC is a managed service, Conscia handles the operations.

SOC is more than endpoint protection

However, a good SOC is much more than security software and automated operations. An additional benefit is access to highly skilled human security experts – around the clock. Automation and expertise can quickly and effectively handle security threats and incidents regardless of when they occur. Another essential aspect is continuous communication between the SOC staff and Folkuniversitetet’s personnel. Communication includes smooth knowledge transfer.

“We have great confidence in the staff at Conscia SOC. We receive incident reports, documentation, monitoring of new threats that continuously arise, and practical tips. And they always respond quickly when we have questions,” Martin explains.

Conscia SOC (Security Operations Center)
Conscia’s Security Operations Center SOC

Choosing a SOC partner

Secure IT and secure networks are essential for an organization like Folkuniversitetet, which runs a broad and varied set of courses and local educational facilities across Sweden. Therefore, some criteria were essential for Folkuniversitetet when choosing a SOC partner: access to the proper security solutions, efficient operations thanks to automation with AI, and above all, knowledgeable security experts available when needed and working 24/7 with monitoring. Criteria that Conscia SOC meets.

About Folkuniversitetet

Folkuniversitetet helps people develop through its broad educational activities, including general courses, upper secondary school and university college courses, and language training in forty languages. In addition, Folkuniversitetet offers commissioned training, adult education (Komvux), diploma programs, language tests, as well as Swedish for immigrants (SFI) and fast-track programs for refugees arriving in Sweden.

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