Recorded Webinar:
Networking for the Smartphone Generation

Managed Meraki and the Infrastructure of the future

How we work has fundamentally changed. A world of smartphones and digital devices spread across various networks is constantly reshaping our ways of communicating and collaborating.

We invite you to a webinar that explores the network solutions of the future. “Networking for the Smartphone Generation” is a webinar where we take a closer look at Conscia’s automated service and Cisco’s Meraki platform and how it can transform your network infrastructure.

SD-WAN Cisco Meraki webinar

Networking for the Smartphone Generation

During this interactive webinar, we will discuss key issues and trends shaping modern network infrastructure:

  • Customer Requirements: What can you as a customer expect and demand from a modern network delivery in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape?
  • The Organization: How have your organization’s work methods changed and how does this affect the construction of a robust and flexible infrastructure that meets today’s requirements?
  • Evaluating Old Truths: Are the established principles still valid in today’s network world?
  • Product Ownership: The advantages of owning your own network products.
  • Geographical Spread: What value does a provider with global reach add?
  • Advantages of Automation: Explore how automation can contribute to proactivity and efficiency in your networks.
  • Expertise in Support: Why it is crucial to have access to experts in technical support.
  • Understanding SLA: Explanation of SLA, the difference between TTL and TTE, and why this is a game changer for your organization.

Watch our webinar and gain insights that help you navigate the modern network world and prepare for tomorrow’s network challenges.

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