4 Network Challenges and the Path to a Simple, Secure Network Solution

Many organizations are stuck with an older, complex network solution that is difficult to grow with. Let’s take a closer look at common challenges that come with a traditional network infrastructure. You will get tips on how to manage your network and increase security and scalability.

“We know that many people have a strategy to move as much as possible to the cloud, but that can be easier said than done. When you’re stuck in old ways of working with complex solutions, it’s not always possible to simplify and scale well. And that’s where we come in and challenge the status quo. Perhaps the IT environment should not be built on the idea that everyone is in the office, for example, because that is not the case today,” says Jonas Eliasson, Commercial Manager for Managed Meraki at Conscia Sweden.

Today, many organizations struggle with four recurring challenges:

1. Complexity vs. security

Balancing the need for advanced IT infrastructure with requirements for security and simplicity is challenging. As the number of devices and applications requiring network connectivity increases, things become more complex. In addition, if employees work in different places, the security risks also increase.

2. Scalability and flexibility

For many companies, the ability to quickly scale network resources up or down as needs change is critical. Traditional network solutions tend not to offer the flexibility required.

3. Efficiency in costs and operations

Maintaining cost-effective operations is challenging for IT departments today. An older network infrastructure often requires significant investment in both hardware and manual work processes, leading to higher operating costs and less efficient workflows.

4. Conditions for growth and innovation

In addition, companies stuck with legacy network solutions often struggle to meet their business needs. Without the right technology, it’s hard to keep up with growth and innovation, and in our fast-paced times, it can be devastating.

Benefits of a modern network solution in the cloud

A modern cloud-based network largely solves all the challenges above. And it saves resources at all levels. Increased flexibility and control also provide the opportunity to support growth without compromising security. It makes it easy to scale up or down the infrastructure as needed and to integrate new features securely.

“Managed Meraki is a cloud-managed network solution where you can manage, configure, and monitor your network in an intuitive interface using a standard web browser. What our customers appreciate the most is the availability of fast support from our experts who know their environment. In addition, with open APIs, we can build custom solutions and create really good automation,” says Jonas.

Conscia and Cisco Meraki help you solve your networking challenges

At Conscia, we tailor solutions based on Cisco’s Meraki platform to address business challenges. In this way, many processes that traditionally require manual work are automated. This frees up valuable resources and enables more efficient operations, creating better conditions for meeting tomorrow’s network challenges. You can read more about our Meraki-based Secure Managed SD-WAN service here.

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