Cisco Enterprise Agreement 3.0: What is new and what is right for you

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement is now available in version 3.0. It simplifies your Cisco solutions’ purchase, consumption, and management, providing a first-class experience and many benefits. Find out more about EA Agreement 3.0 here!

Compared to previous EA agreements, EA 3.0 is more flexible. Instead of going “all in,” you can choose between three different contract levels, each with different benefits and conditions. This means you can start with an EA agreement covering part of your licenses and then expand as needed.

Why choose EA Agreement 3.0?

  • Cisco Enterprise Agreement 3.0 provides most subscriptions with start and end dates in one contract. This is more flexible and easier to manage than contracts that expire on different dates throughout the year.
  • When entering a new Enterprise Agreement, you are credited with what is left on your existing contract. This means you keep everything you’ve already paid for. Having all types of SW support and subscriptions in one place gives you a good overview.
  • The agreement lasts 3-5 years and is signed with a Cisco partner who manages it for you. Upfront payment is standard, but for an additional cost, annual payment is also possible, as well as financing via Cisco Finance at 0% effective interest rate.
  • The agreement covers all installations and ensures license compliance. Your licenses are easily managed in the EA Workspace portal, where the license consumption is regularly compiled. If you have used more licenses than the agreement covers, the number will be adjusted upwards at the next billing, but you will never be invoiced for the excess consumption in retrospect. This is called True Forward*.
  • Partial Commit contracts guarantee fixed discounts during the contract period. Full Commit agreements ensure that you do not exceed the license prices. Not-to-exceed protects against price increases (except for price increases caused by exchange rate changes) while giving you the benefit of lower prices if Cisco should reduce the cost during the contract period.
  • The agreement provides a 15% free expansion of “Security and Collaboration” and free access to the DNA center (support on the DNA center must be paid).

*  TrueForward: You can charge up to 105% of the licenses you are eligible for in the first six months of the contract.

EA 3.0 perfectly complements your support agreement with Conscia and means we can easily manage your total support needs. We capture any license support outside the EA agreement and take care of it through your support agreement with us.

EA 3.0 is available in three different levels:

FULL is for customers going “all in” with Cisco:

  • The best prices and terms
  • Annual True Forward

PARTIAL provides some of the benefits of the EA agreement with no obligations:

  • Preferred pricing
  • True Forward quarterly

ACCESS provides the opportunity to add new technology areas with full flexibility:

  • Access to new technologies
  • True Forward quarterly

5 portfolios

The new Enterprise agreement consists of 5 portfolios, each containing features such as Duo Security, Secure Workload, and Cisco ISE(Identity Services Engine). Together, these form a solution based on a Zero-Trust requirement. See the illustration below (click on the image for full size).

* Hyperflex is a suite within the Applications Portfolio but not part of FSO.
** Coming soon

Cisco Enterprise overview
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