First line of defense with DNS Security

Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect the equipment in your network before connecting to the Internet! You have already taken the necessary measures. Still, it feels like something is still missing when it comes to the protection of your equipment.

That’s right. Because without the DNS security of Cisco Umbrella, data traffic enters the Internet inadvertently and unintentionally. The DNS Security of Cisco Umbrella is a cloud DNS server. The Umbrella DNS server does the DNS resolving for your organisation.

Cisco Umbrella DNS Security

Umbrella can be viewed as a first line of defense service through DNS resolving. It has a huge database in which the IP addresses and names of websites and systems connected to the Internet are kept. In addition to this data, Umbrella also keeps track of whether they are reliable and whether they contain incorrect content. This allows Umbrella to ensure that your DNS request from a site, server containing malware or ransomware or a server that acts as a BOTNET server, does not receive a reply. When you are browsing, you will therefore see why you are not allowed to access that website. Umbrella can also block websites based on URL categories as you would expect from a proxy server. Umbrella is the only Cloud DNS server that can offer you an extra layer of protection.

Which systems does Umbrella protect?

Umbrella protects all your systems that communicate with systems on the Internet via DNS resolving. All of this is done without any modification to the system or complicated modification of your network.

Insight and visibility

The Umbrella service not only protects, it also provides insight and visibility. Based on log data, you will be able to determine whether you are safe with the chosen protection measures or whether you need to take more or other measures. No other Cloud DNS server will be able to give you this information.

An example of what Umbrella can do for you

One of our customers was suffering from ransomware and malware attacks. The measures they had already taken did not work adequately or not at all. It was unclear as to how the threats accessed the organisation. Taking our advice, the customer decided to perform a proof of concept with Umbrella. The result was astonishing. Most ransomware and malware attacks were stopped before they could even be activated.

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